a sigh of relief!!!

Posted: July 6, 2008 in Uncategorized

well m done with 5 of six exams..sunday today and yes lotsa sports package ahead!!!its indo-lanka finals of asia cup(hope india wins)and nadal plays federrer in wimbeldon finals..great action today..moreover m surprized tat i haven watched the movie which i was craving to watch..Jaane tu..ya jaane na.. somehow losing tat excitement..meanwhile loads of work to be done..be it cleanin my room(wich i haven from 1 semester) and returnin the lib books(again a delay loop of 3 months)..these days m growin a lot impatient every moment..and later repent for it..need to do somethin abt tat..ofcourse contacted the correct person for tat and tat person s suggested a fantastic medi..it ll worki know..

meanwhile the other day almost got into argument with one of my frenz!! basically grand old stuff as whether guys going around with gals and vice versa justified..my view on it waz simple..till its fun i can take it..but not to such an extent where in expect a good mornin n good nite status to each other and keep discussin ur days time table with them..god!! cant take it all…she(my fren) had a complete diverse view as its all abt findin the rite person..common better jobs on earth to do as of now!!!but still debate continued and it will..

and guess wat amidst my exams was kinda haunted by my old memories(will write more on it in next post)..consumed a lot of my time to get over it..anyways i feel it ll keep playin on me till the end…

i ll keep postin some of my written stories(mainly excerpts from my diary) here..

till then

take care



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