down down n down!!!!!!

Posted: July 9, 2008 in Uncategorized

well now i can say..wat a retired life is/// confused,,, actually from the time m done with my penultimate exam m leadin a kind of semi retired life..get up have the net(this is where bloggin comes in)..have movies..some which i ve seen a trillion times.. and then i realized… the level of movies kept goin down down and down… let me begin with them…

first movie– DOLI SAJA ke RAKHNA– this movie i can say is a must for youngsters..sply who like the QSQT style of approachin life..evry element of them carries a feeling of day to day life with so much relevance…a no of sequences tat leave u stunned.. first wen jus before the duo elope n are abt to get married..they both break down.. reason s too amazin..wen we have so many lovin pple back home..jus coz of our own selfishness we cant put down all they ve done for us for so many years..akshaye khanna is pulled off a beauty there…really i wish all gen y pple get hold of this scene atleast…next scene is the climax which i feel is out of the world.. akshaye s parents n he comeover to the heroine s place after her marriage is fixed…the series of events which leads to the end is awesome.. wen both the family s realize tat these two are perfect 4 each other n also their families.. fantastic..i believe though the movie flopped big time.. it must be made mandotary in all high sec schools..

next came in another amazin movie which falls in my all time fav list..hum dil de chuke sanam..hats off to u SLB for makin such a piece of cinematic art..and ajay devgan gives perf of his life time..sply scene when he sdrunk on the roads and talkin to aish..who would ve done justice to the remains history as how movie garnered accolades..

after two great movies i wasn aware wats on my way…they wre two horrible movies… one was called mere baap pehle aap..n then much hyped dasavataram..forget the first one..hadn hoped much from it..

but latter was a major disappointment…kamal haasan movie n a total bizzare one..where are those movies kamal..nayakan..anbe shivam..indian.. even vettiyaadu villyiyadu.. only thing tat stands for the movie his KH s actin be it story or other cast i miserable..why wre 10 pple needed is still the question tat hits me..anyways still yet to sink in those typical tamil movie stunts of bulidin jumps n car blows..

still a week for last examz thinkin of pickin up my books today..reason too tired to lead a retired life in hostel.. so lemme also finish off the much delayed tasks of mine..(rem last post)

bye till then..i ll try watchin some good movies again!!!


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