pretty nostalgic!

Posted: July 10, 2008 in Uncategorized

as i mensioned earlier i ve been livin quite a retired life.. last evenin i happen to drop at my uncle s place who s jus shifted bac from dubai..had an amazin time with cousin(my youngest ones)..wat was most memorable was

i happen to relive my school routines lookin at them..the evenin time stories abt fights between frnz..fancied pencil was really amazin,,not much diff waz my stint as a school kid..

it all began at arnd 7 in mornin wen my mom used to wake me up.. hesitantly i use to screach tat m awake with shut eyes..she used to first be calm but as time clicked after 7 she too used to get annoyed n pull me out of bed straight into the bathroom…handin a brush in my she used to keep shoutin at me to hurry things usual i used to be slow to begin n later on rushin off wen my rickshaw honked outside my house.. there was so little time in wich i had to swallow my breakfast with milk n run…seriously it s somewat similar to my life here in hostel..only reason i was bit cleaner there with everyday bath!!!!

again at arnd 12 i used to rush bac home for lunch..with 1 hr time for lunch i used to enjoy it watchin my fav cartoon serials yogi bear show n scooby doo…again used to hog jus in time reach bac to school where afernoon s wre quite borin..morning s wre fun as teacher used to check our home-work n the dont-do r,s as teacher called em..wre either caned or given some kinda punishment of kneeling down..i remember once wen one of the kids had broken the teacher s cane as a retaliation..and guess wat tat guy s now in national defence wonder he s way of retaliatin was such.. evenin was again fun wen i used to play cricket with my frenz arnd my house..breaking glasses in neighbourhood..some times of out own house..crossin the road n bangin the vehicles movin..shatterin our car glasses..god damage waz abundant everywhere…slowly movin into high school things started changin..from small games to bigger sports..the cycle rides from house to school used to fetch 15 mins whereas while gettin bac home it used take 45 mins..reason two gals school on way bac from school which used to hamper our used to so stupid of ourselves wen we used keep markin out gals..then there wre the inter school competitions wich used to be a battlefield..fights arguments revenges vowed…hahaha still rememebr the famous fight for a treasure hunt comp in a school where my team wazaccused of cheatin and as usual i was at my agru best..

still cant forget all diary s best written i jus had started it..

now need to get down to my books..see ya again..bye!!!!


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