happy dayz…..

Posted: July 20, 2008 in Uncategorized

well..bac home i ve been havin quite a fantastic time..and yeah bought myself a new cell too..totally unexpected..got one wid a cam n mp3 player..great man..also begun my off beat drivin classes..had a great beginin too in the mornin today..dint i wud pick up so soon..so many new things happenin..looks like livin a dream to the best extent..

passin my time off is quite good..either the comp..tv..or my shantiniketan as i d call my house with bunch of my rels n cozins der..meet them every evenin..hang out wid frenz in evenin..n yeah watch horrendous movies(kismat konnection)..but above all best waz the day we d been to eat at the hawkers near our skool..was too good..the same hawkers still stand there..cant beat tat one now..all of em with bizzarre makeovers still passionately sell a rupee stuff..n yea their biz too is good..

2day bein sunday need to go out for a func..n sadly very few clothes at my disposal..hope i ll turn out in a decent one..



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