an experience says….

Posted: July 24, 2008 in Movies

its 1:58 am now n still m compelled to write an entry followin a movie wich i watched wich waz infact an experience,usually i hate seein movies alone but this one waz the beginin i jus thought tat would be one of the gory movies in tinseltown but as the reels rolled it waz indeed an exceptional piece of cinema..

i watched the movie provoked n yes have to say it once of those which makes u think which makes feel the pinch..the movie wich tells us the life story of an indian woman kiranjeet ahluwalia who waz abused by her husband for 10 yrs in U.K retaliated bac once killin him by settin him on fire when asleep..the important thing which makes it excpetional is the narration and the performances..aishwarya rai bachchan ur indeed phenomenal.. even though i dont rate u as a great actress on screen but this potrayal of an abused woman who makes a progress in jail is fantastic(if any of the aish s fanz havin watched provoked..shame u pple)..wat makes the movie so spl is the aptly episodic n yet impactful..the rush i felt in the final moments is nothin less than wat i felt b4 the last ball sixer of lagaan..the final moments are so touchin it makes u think tat a woman who waz handed injustice twice;once by her husband next by the judiciary still stood up strong through the journey and made a history of a judgement called reggis duffy judgement.. rememeber history created by an INDIAN WOMAN in U.K judiciary..

before i move off to bed now i still will go over the moments of the movie.. no! sorry..will collect the movie as an experience of how a woman found her freedom in the 4 walls of prison!!!


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