really kicking myself……

Posted: August 1, 2008 in Uncategorized

hmmm..almost a week no updates on my blog..really kickin myself for tat..but hold on..m not the only cousins cominover at my place..frequent powercuts..n yeah m always wonder i ve put on few jus 15 days..

talkin abt my trip last weekend..was great..had been to amboli..i small hill abt 60 kms from belgaum..(i ll put some pics here) the picturseque beauty was clubbed with torrential rainfall..we could hardly linger about..managed to have our lunch n set our journey to a place called sawantwadi..which is at the foothills of amboli which comes in state of GOA..notable thing abt sawantwadi is its plannin wich is most weird..the whole of the town is set around a huge lake(much bigger than ulsoor lake or sanky tank)..all the houses the shops ..restaurents surround the huge lake..

another beautiful monument here is the RAAJWADA which is jus beside the has a mixture of portuguese n french architecture..only one of few kinds in came our hunt for a place which serves only veg food..sunday bein a local holiday most of the places wre had to take a whole round arnd the lake amidst heavy rainfall..drippin wet from top to bottom..was a perfect rip off of a 70 s flick where nets were used to show rainfall..n we had the leads gettin wet all over widout reason!!!

we went back to the lodge n as every1 else headed to bed i watched a horror flick JUNOON tat nite..

early mornin got up and braced myself for a tough journy,,though an excitin one..we travelled to a place called RAEDY..which has a GANESHA IDOL which was found in 1987 in the sea..cant believe such a thing appeared in the dreamz of a local fisherman n he managed to pull it out..the pic i put up will tell u more..

next we hit the exotic locales of terekol..a french colony later occupied by portuguese has a fort with a grand old chapel in it..and opp is the beach,,the KERRY we hit the beaches we wre greeted by bright sunlight n wild waves of the arabian sea.the waves roze everytime competin with  each other..was a lot scary..

after this we started our travel back to belgaum..all of us wre tired still managed to get bak quite in time..

remainin of the week quite insignificant as no work to do..n yes i ll post my stort tonite on the blog..


  1. UkMaD says:

    Wow seems you had a very nicetime there. Can i get to see some snaps of kerry beach, have heard abt but never been there. how far is it from Savantwadi

  2. nityac says:

    hey!!! the photos look really cool!!!!!

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