a big bang b4 gettin bac!!!

Posted: August 10, 2008 in Uncategorized

yes..its my last day of my vacaz n gettin bac tomo to coll..catchin a train at 6:45 n in 12 hrs m in blore..feels strange but have to go..

the best part of my vacaz was today..we had our school batch re-union..it was great to meet all the school  buddies under one roof..some of em have changed so much..GOD!! couldn get em at a sight..n some of em married n engaged!!!waz fun to throw a pinch of salt..

it was a fantastic walk down the memory lane..rememberin those funny incidents..the teachers who wre mimmicked by us..some of the horrifyin exps with the principals..the blame game wen we lost a comp..the unification..the victories..was all great..

the most funny incident waz durin a science exhibition wen a fren of mine had made a car which could run on solar fuel..it had huge solar panel which could absorb energy..by accident wen the car waz in motion the panel came off but still the car waz movin..later we found out tat it waz actually runnin on batteries inside the car!!!!so all funy incis..

tomo onwards will be back on road..all studies..debatin..comps..will be great..above all i know theres goin to be a huge mind battle on 4rom the time m come to bang!!

lets see how all goes!!



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