a bit inactive….

Posted: August 19, 2008 in Uncategorized

yeah yeah..i must say.bloggin has taken a bit of beatin from the time i ve hit blore..well blame it on my hostel life..classes..or my current fav topic PRISON BREAk….

well its an english seriel..quite amazin saga of how two brothers along wid other criminals escape a prison..simply swept me of my feet..dint know y do we dont make such seriels..instead of wastin money on cheap sets n useless adaptions of bollywood themes ekta kapoor can make a decent series,,god knows wen will those days come..

well bac in coll asusual bac to classes..debating..dept activites..allof em eatin my schedule off..need to pick a way out.meanwhile also happen to see an amazin movie..THE MAN FROM EARTH..truly amazin stuff ur an avid novel reader..and like those fictious ones..simply outstandin..its abt how a man whos an history prof starts speakin on his farewell day infront of his frenz who are archeo..biologist..bible splist..doctor(phsychologist) tellin them he d actually lived 4 14000 yrs!!!!answerin all the questions thrown at him..atlast concludin tat he was jesus christ!!!watch it on torrent..u ll never forget it..

browzin at a privte centre now..chances of rains..so need to back..


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