of revenge n confessions….

Posted: September 7, 2008 in Uncategorized

right from my childhood i was one of those kids who loved to watch the rebel kinda movies..wherein the protagonist came back like the phoenix from ashes to destroy the bad..my mother used to keep telling me tat these movies are mere fiction and in the real life things like revenge..hatred.. nearly wre out of bounds for a human..(she thought i was a good person) i still beleived tat somethin like avengin wrongs done by someone is simply a heroic effort where u prove ur mettle n indeed have knights valour below ur cusion when u sleep tat night after victory..till yesterday i felt the same..just wanted to taste howz it to actually seek a bitter revenge and keep smilin like a victor..it al fell down like the napolean s army at the waterloo..though the whole event of revenge had begun sometime time yday was the finale..(now i feel its the beginin of another battle)i kept ridiculin the behavin rude to the person whom i d supp thought as my foremost enemy who d done several wrongs to me..tat was all about livin the moment..i was feelin like the mighty aussies amidst taming the minnows in cricket..but the real pinch i never knew..never did i realize tat actaully i was just followin the path of which there was no end..even if it was ..it was just the fact made me look like a shrunken peice of humanity..i couldn even pass a mouthfull of morsel down my throat..nor did my fav drink amused me to have it..wat went through my mind was my mother s words..they echoed loudly to all curves of my brain..untill i got up today mornin..gave a call to my conscience to hve thanked it to help me grow..i d always heard of pple sayin tat some incident helped them grow as a person..but yday s event was really one for me..which helped me grow as a person..atlast i believe my mother s words wre true..the real joy or peace of mind is not got by prickin the person who d pricked u..but by removin the thorns tat lay beneath his feat…



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