i knew wat i did last………

Posted: September 21, 2008 in wat i ve seen!!!

when i sit ot write this post in my coll digi lib i keep thinkin wat i ll be doin for next few weeks..wonderin quite a bit..last week and the week b4 wre quite a roller-coaster me..first not well..waz down with fever n cold then had my first internalz…then came the most imp spat..ok b4 tat let me ask a question..wat would u do if u wre put in the same situation twice in life..everythin s the same..same sexes..same despairity and same lose-lose situation for me…i really believed tat if one has to learn from his failures to bounce bac..now i feel in some matters a person is destined to lose..i fit the group to T..anyways i feel its good for me to just keep an account of all these things and rememeber them wen i need them the most..i too know tat i ve long lived relationship with hurt n pain..i hope it ens somewhere..

next i d like to say tat i ve been eggin pple too much abt debatin..i agree they are new comers and need some scope for improvin…but i ve been doin tat for a lot of time now..i ll calm down from tomo..apart from tat i also m organizin a bloggin comp in coll with my third family..it ll pass off well i know..then begins the wait for one of the biggest events this year,,NLS debate 2008..more on this in next blog..


  1. Hi Ashwath,

    You did really well organizing the blogging contest. All the best to you and your team.

    Best wishes.

  2. nick says:

    I agree man….the blogging competition was a big hit!:-) (who won it btw?)

    and with respect to the first half of your post, who or what are you talking about?

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