mystery or plain fact…..

Posted: September 23, 2008 in Movies, wat i ve seen!!!

In the movie hum tum wen saif ali khan s asked at the release of his first written book as whether he had understood a girl s mind..he gives out a brilliant answer..”do teen kitabe aur likhna hoga!!”thought for the first time i jus laughed out at it dismissin it as subtle humour..from recent past i ve been seriously thinkin over as wat i d call now A BEAUTIFUL N MYSTERIOUS MIND”..mind of a gal..if n only if i d given a chance to enter a someone s mind and check would be girl’s..

rite from the mytho stories to recent books all of em of depicted  a girl or rather a women to be the root cause of all CALAMITIES..oops not exactly but nearly there..infact great historian EWE ROVE went a step further and said..”wine woman n war..reason why all it ended”(answer to a question as y even greatest dynasties collapsed)i d said he s true takin a cue by goin further behin..RAMAYANA–SEETA..MAHABHARATA–DRAUPADI…wann more..even wen we look ancient history,,the great roman empire there we had someone as mysterious as cleopatra..y s always we have a woman of most amazing stories i ve heard wen we talk abt woman being the reason or rather her image of havin a wavy nature or in desi terms”tariya charitra” is tat of OTHELLO..i d read it long bac in my school..but wat really made my mind come to a stand still was the dialogues in the movie OMKARA(hindi version of othello)..i guess if u pple ve seen the movie..KAREENA s father says the dialogue wich forms the crux of the movie on the whole..the dialogue goes as follows..”JO LADKI APNE BAAP KO THUG SAKTI HAIN..WOH KISI AUR KI SAGI KYA HOGI”..meanin.. A GIRL WHO COULD DITCH HER OWN FATHER CAN NEVER BE ANYONE S OWN..this is the same line tat the protagonist carries in his mind rite through the movie and arranges for a tragic end…again look over the reason..A WOMAN…i really don know wether its the script of life tats made nature of a woman to  be questioned or just blame the human biological deffs..

wen i talk abt my own perspective or view here..its no differnce..its been quite a RAW(research and analysis wing) in my brain workin on this with dismal results..everytime i want to conclude it on a positive note..i go through somethin to re-question myself over..i again my hit with inci where the winds are quite pleasant..i can say tat i d never won a prediction of a gal s behaviour..its so mysterious..i d rather bet on a lame horse in a race than tat..not once or twice..its been everytime i ve observin the nature of a gal to be more i end this post..still m in dilemma..whether the wavy nature of a woman is indeed very mysterious or a plain fact wich no one accepts…

  1. Desi glamour says:

    Its always a mystery and always a fact it is both!!

  2. varun says:

    hmmm.. food 4 tot ..

    hey chk out chanakya’s “neeti shastra”…. 😀

    and get to kno his view of women’s mind!!!

  3. nick says:

    I don’t know if women are the root of all calamities or not, but surely, no one can understand what goes on in their minds! I have been trying to do the same research for the past two and a half years, but to no avail 😦

  4. olivia says:

    well ashwath…
    i think a woman appears to be complicated for the simple reason that she exercises her thinking power to a greater extent than a man does! ..n nw ur not gonna attack n say ” yea, more than required! ” alright…

    n let the rest remain a mystery 🙂

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