livin a dream..of a long long time..

Posted: October 11, 2008 in Sports

childhood in india durin my generation basically comprised of two important things..studies and cricket..though there wre few electronic gadgets like TV games n comps arnd no one really fancied stickin to screen..instead a game of cricket(watchin n playin) wre the biggest fads arnd..a still remember one of the first matches a watched on TV..finals of HERO CUP at kolkata 1993..Anil kumble turned the heat on with amazin figures of 6 for 12..before sachin and kambli and blasted the w.indian attack of walsh n ambrose..thus began my journey of love with game(still is) amidst celebrations n fireworks india s win tat day..Belgaum bein a small place has actually quite bit of cric maniacs…there is infact a man who freely distributes sweets on roadside whenever india wins a major cricket match..

one of the things tat boosted my love for cricket was 96 world cup held in was great fun to watch my hero sachin tendulkar on fire in front of the home crowds..i would like to say tat it had such an impact on me tat i actually cried and fought with my mom on dining table  whenver india lost amtch.worst i know was india lost the semi-finals of 96 cup..tat continued till india hapelessly bowed out of 2007 world cup at w.indies..i always believed tat shoutin at the stands wen my team hits a boundary or scalps a wicket was the ultimate way of celebration…from there on began a wish turned dream of actaully watchin a cricket match in a stadium..

though i d watched quite a few domestic matches in bangalore a big one was still in did come..on 9th october 2008 i finally got a chance to go to M.Chinnaswamy stadium to watch indo-oz cricket match..i arrived there jus after the toss..the first glimpse of the ground was WOW..Fantastic..i kept gapin at the cricular green patch..and all the ashwaths who d come to see the match..the same enthusiasm..the same spirit..faces painted..flags all over..i wished tat time jus stopped for some moments..but still i was livin my dream..then the umpires cam,e out and called the players..the moment anil kumble n his men came in..the stands erupted..yes ..i ws there too..shoutin at the top of my voice..cheerin for my team..and when saurav ganguly came in the end there was a chant DADA all over..this was his last test match at bangalore..

As the time went buy there was the famous mexican wave arnd the stands..diff chants..cheers for wickets taken by indian..oversimplifications of heated moments on much of it in one day…tat evenin  when i travelled bac in a BMTC vehicle..sittin at the window seat i remembered my whole journey with my first love cricket//rite from the day i watched my first cricket match till today when i lived a long awaited dream…rite from the evenin when my dad told me wat was cricket all about till today when i watched the game with my own naked eyes..

  1. megcloud9 says:

    lucky u 🙂 got to go to d match inspite of “internals”

  2. kanagu says:

    I too remember the hero cup finals and the ’96 world cup. Same pinch. I am just crying when all the wickets were falling during the semifinals b/w India and Srilanka. I hoped Jadeja who blasted in the 2 matches(pakistan and zimbabwe) which held before will be the saviour. But he was out for a duck. Those days are very sad for me.

    Thanks for making me remind those beautiful, cried days 😀

  3. nagachandrika says:

    u should meet my brother he is in 8th std and he literally eats, sleeps and drinks cricket and till date since 2006 he has been to evry match that has taken place in bang incl all the ipl ones.. and he screams howzzat in the night when he is asleep ha ha.. and he feels bad that he cant devote time to it(though he is always on the road playing it till 9 in the nt)so he has taken an oath that he ll never let his children go to school and will send them straight to crick coaching even though they r einstein in the making ha ha ha he is totally crazy on cricket and keeps watchin the same match 100 times totally irritating me!

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