SRK kkkkan act!!??!!

Posted: October 23, 2008 in Movies

i dint exactly have the mindset to write a blog entry on this one,but today i ve taken an official leave from lab n classes.thanks to my ever lovin dept..and yes finally i m writin this entry..on my all time fav hate whether shahrukh khan can actually act or plays himself in diff locations!!

i remember one of his earliest movies infact i can say my first movin where i was caught sobbin with square cloth was kabhie haan kabhie naa..infact this movie still remains one of fav as the simple story n execution made it very touchin..and yes SRK did begin his ACTIN carr.(i know dil aashna hai n deewana did hit screens b4..but plz don refer his presence as actin)i believe in nineties this was one of the few times he actually tried to potray a character than play himself..but soon after KHKN came a string of movies which essentially had a raj or rahul(barrin baazigar)..and yes our choco boy gleefully entertained but never acted..movies after movies his acting skills touched the abyss of mediocrity thought he performed at all possible award func to PURCHASE the coveted awards..seriuously a purchased award is not the fact to prove tat indeed actor has acted..

from i wat i feel the main reason where his actin skills wre undermined was due to his association with cliche directores with feel good n stereotype movies n it DDLJ..DTPH..KKHH..K3G..and many more in line///we had SRK playin the messiah roles which was makin his presence felt not as a seperate entity in the movie but srk himself..worst of all was DTPH..which i believe tat dependin upon the nature of the songs the movei was scripted and made..there s not even one instance in the movie in which we can say”there is a story for this one”..add to tat actin woes of SRK..his sheepish smile..or sense of overreactin in simple situations or best of all his hamming timing!!it so happens tat in all his movies he lives in one aura of life..”i m good to all and all are bad to me”..and yes “i also cry a lot n make others cry”..this includes pple outside the screen who ve payed hell lots to see him CRY!!totally it DDLJ..K3G..or all time ham fest..DEVDAS..god!!!wonder if sharath chandra ji(who wrote devdas) was alive..he would curse himself for havin written a sobbin saga.

after a long time came in swades in which also SRK i believe gave a good performance(thanks to ashutosh g) which basically made SRK play a normal person on earth who cant solve all his worries but probs of village sans electricity..i do think tat him gettin an award for is justified coz it would ve definitely made him think tat all these years of bein in movies was a waste and i actaully must act from now on..(one of reasons chak de was good)on one side where u had swades there was return of messiah in main hoon na and sobbin king in veer zaara..the question i d like to ask is why try doin 2 bad things when u ve done 1 good(after a long time)..who can the bizzare league of movies..asoka(scarily torturous)..and phir bhi dil hai ..(show it to detained terrorists and they ll say we reveal all our plans in no time),..

as this year marks his return to candy floss movies in RNBDJ..i bet anyone a DBC scoop..who dares to tell tat SRK will actually be diff in it..i agree this entry mite lead to heavy bashin up n heres your turn..go ahead!!


  1. Chethana says:

    hey… not bad man… u actually published this.. i thought u were just jokin when u said abt it… poo’s gonna have a great time readin it.. n commenting on every line:)

  2. nagachandrika says:

    i agree wid every line of urs regarding srk.. i think srk -(karan johar + yashraj)is bearable..or what u would call acting.. but i seriously think he did a fab job in swades.i hate the concorted face he makes and cries in all those karan johar movies.aargh.. but i like him as a person and find him very charming and witty ..(courtesy koffee wid karan)but i liked him in negetive roles like in darr(where his kkkkiran dialogue beacme popular) and even in baazigar.. hav u seen chamatkar? even that was ok.. very cute.. otherwise its yuck! i hated him in kuch kuch hota hai i havent seen anything as stupid as that.whats worse? i used to be a diehard srk fan before only to realise my foolishness..i think the only good actor in bolly is aamir khan versatile and amzing. i like hrithik also full package(dnce+looks+ok-ok acting)

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