murphy s law redefined!!!

Posted: November 16, 2008 in wat i ve seen!!!

its been a month since i put up a post on my blog and trust me this one had taught me a lot which i could never learn if i wasn on such a roller coaster of life….well murphy s law states..anythin tat has to go wrong will go wrong..but i never beleieved in  it..blame my cynical attitude for this or my confidence which is quite perrenial in its own way..

two things which i thought would be my most excitin experiences this semester wre debatin n dept acitivites..then they grew into diverse pathways 4 which i had to stretch..and yes quite a bit..but wats interestin was tat one of it began on a fab note and turned quite a dampener and other was a squib to start with but left be ecstasic at the end.. it was debatin that i thought was hit off on bright note with new members in the society and a no of well placed practice sessions;infact i had lost very few debates b4 i entered the comp..i hoped a lot from the national law scholl debate..last time i d fallen an inch short of victory i hoped with much more experience n tinge of luck in my pocket i could pull it off..tats where i faltered and it left me in a situation where i was astounded the way things turned out inspite me givin my best..luck tat dumped me at tat moment i was quite taken aback..indeed its true-lucky person is rarer than a white crow!!!but for the ultimate result was all tat begins well doesn quite end well.

next came in my other aura of interest..dept activities..we d been plannin for a quite a long time about our dept cultural event..rite from the day we began plannin we had hurdles we beleived wre quite unusual yet we could jus scamper thru..but as the day came closer these hurdles increased..we had to postpone the event..then we could get the audi the rite day for the func..we had to postpone in again..desperation n frustration was all over me again..i just couldn imagine why things wre lookin so out of place for me.. to add more spice on these obstacles we had few performers(inc me) rammin into autos..petty accidents..soar throats squeakin..and many more which turned up their heads everyday..on the eve of the event..i couldn sleep a wink..i thought it would again come down like a pack of cards on me..leavin me self destructed again!!but again it turned out to be quite diff..the event went on in such a way tat i stood astounded again lookin how things change for a person from one time to time..three weeks b4 i fely low n disgusted..but now i felt more complte n satisfied not only with myself but also my luck which had kissed me back..

thing tat i had to  carry..all that doesn begin well..still can end very well!!!


  1. nagachandrika says:

    i agree with ur statement lucky person is rarer than fair crow.. these types of incidents keep happening wid me very often too.. when u think somthing has started off on a bright note it just fails in the end.. and we r left confused and frustrated bringing down our confidence.. whereas some things which u ld never think ll be good finally turns out to be good making u feel happier than ever

  2. olivia says:

    indeed!!! the talents day was a hit!!! 🙂 🙂 ( despite all odds )
    n sure! ’twas loadsa fun …rt frm the practices to the D-day! … n not to forget the party after that!! hahah!!
    btw ashwath, good job at the anchoring 🙂

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