curtains of the event!!(talents day)

Posted: November 26, 2008 in wat i ve seen!!!

curtains of the event..well wre they really there any of em..anyways.saturday evenin n m really bugged up writin internals(wrote 5 in past 3 n writin 2 in next 3 days) decided to write my most fav blog entry(hope so it turns out to be) till date..about my dept cultural event..TALENTS DAY..well really don go on the name..not many hidden talents hit the moon…
being a part of students committee of my dept..the plannin begun abt 1.5 months ago..apart from meetings with selected entities in committee a lot of time was also spent thinking in class as wat could be the best way put the most awaited event of the dept..a lot of ideas zoomed in and out of the wet-ware..finally we decided on wat shud be done not knowin the executional issues..

added to tat the risk we took of bookin the audi with largest capacity where even multi-deptal activities take a beatin in fillin up the seats..then came in to tell the interested participants who wre mostly our juniors as wat they are expected to do!!and convince thme to do tat..thanx to my enthu juniors(atleast some of them are)they picked up the responsibilty well..pracs begun..we stayed bac in coll few evenin..only to taste lipton ice teas in evenin and help my frenz found their lost vehicle keys!!(i hope tat person reads this)..indeed pracs was fun..the mistakes..some experimentations goin haywire..gettin tired n only findin my bed covered with my clothes n m still sleepin on em..hostel life who cares… now b4 movin on to the event let me tell u..wat all preceded the event..pragmatic issues regardin whole func..filterin the progs(i hate gen ‘A’ pple like some of our profs)..hiccups inside the organizin committee..and ya i saw em all..i knew these wud happen in any organization..moreover i did trust some of fello members…finally on to the func–
this is not exactly a movie..but still i instead of goin thru all the progs list scampers thru some moments of brilliance n humour!!!
one of my fellow comm member varun begun the func by vedic chants..students wre stunned for a moment..they wre me some of gave looks as if they wre searchin for a baba ramdev tab or art of livin flag!!!anyways lookin at some of the participants dressed in colourful outfits they did realize and did the chants did a world of good by deafnin the crowd into came in the hosts for the evenin..(photo)myself n sahana…it did begun well when i extempored a bit of talents day history then came in fun..i had to introduce myself and sahana herself..beat my excitement..i did the job myself.she gave in a look of awe..n continued..((goin to slow…will move faster))..the invocations n classy melody also got came a bit of melodrma n fun..pooja(MSRIT still thought u would be voISE of bangalore) came over the stage to croon..satyam shivam sundaram..she begun the song and in few secs..she looks at the sound system in tat she dint realize or she did..she missed a came in now..the person who was handlin the sound system actually did somethin(i still dunno wat)and she again gave tat same look..within tat time i got sceptical about wat was happenin..and yes our HOD had made my position even worse..i looked at one of pple from the audience and they seemd to have no probs with the vocals..for about 15 secs..i was on the mat..then sahana looks at me suddenly n asks..wat happen u seem tensed..(this was almost the same question i asked her b4 the event)..then came wat i consider the performance which brought crowd on its “santoshakke haadu santoshakke”..indeed a perfect tribute of sandalwood moviebuffs..i saw the whole audi come alive..Next came in my fav moment of the event..Durin the dance Vande Mataram..two of performers made an pre-mature exit from stage..i think i ll mention em..olivia n radhika..and the best part the audience thought tat it was perfectly sarcasm was..and in the snap u can see..their co-performers puzzled..ha ha..still cant forget the way they rushed out of the hall…after the skit which basically potrayed secularistic India,,there wre few props used for the this case they Apples..and here comes next funny part..just when the skit got over the participants sittin tite in 2nd row picked up the apples and started eatin.MAN!!!i was laughin my guts out..and ekansh n sourabh u wre culprits..Rest of the prog rushed thru with my juniors enthrallin the audience with changing trends of bollywood dance-styles rite from helen to kareena kappor,shammi kapoor to SRK..personally speakin it was my fav b4 the event and even now..bollywood freak wat 2 do..we also had our seniors the pioneers of talents day crooning to bhagyada laxmi which still remains an evergreen song till date!meghana n akshata princi really loved ur songs!how can i forget my enactment of tryin to convince sahana not leave the stage..after almost3/4th of the prog was over..she started askin whether she could join the audi..i mean..wat can i say.she s supposedly my co-anchor and she wanted to go down..i stood tellin her not go till the end…next progs be it nisha s tum ho toh or the very ise band”vo’ISE of Rock”..which surely rocked tat evenin..

from my perspective speakin of the the end i did feel satisfied to the core as it gave me great new frenz,brought some known frenz even closer..and best part i enjoyed workin with em all..There ve few incidents where actually where i can say my heart was in my mouth,first when i was seat counsellin hall engineerin seat selection durin my sis s marriage..i can say the next which comes to them is i look into my text of Software Engg..where in i find words like event..risk work..i still go bac 1 month in all those moments which created a colourful picture in my memory and one of the reasons i m writin this blog to get everythin out rite here tite now..may be 5 yrs from now if m workin or tryin to work..i ll still come bac to this entry of my blog and re-send it to all my frenz n colleagues tat time sayin there was a time when we created MAGIK at our coll which is still fresh in my brain and heart!!

  1. olivia says:

    yeah!!!!! awesome day that was!!! n true , ’twas an opportunity to knw our ise-mates better via practices n stuff …..

    but the D-DAy was like “AMAZZZIN” !!

    sahana n ashwath , a gr8 job at anchoring !

    pity pooja’s luck with the mike system 😦 … poo u sang well though.. n nisha’s “Tum ho to ” was simply mind blowing … n r ise-band enthralled the audience wid rockin’ songs!! wow!!

    n ashwath… do you really have to embarass me publicly for gettin up 1/2 way during the ‘Vande mataram ‘ formation?? …trust me,twas 2-3 days since i practiced that … n i conveniently forgot the swayin of the candles part…my goodness!! wid wat confidence i got up n stood wonderin what the rest were doin !! 😛 … still burst out laughter when i think of it 😀

    also, v good entry! many memories will surely roll back wen we read it later … we owe it all to r teachers, seniors n rselves 🙂

  2. megcloud9 says:

    dude ,not one line bout my performance ! n u expect me to comment 😦 u made me sad twice in a row !!!!!

  3. nagachandrika says:

    heyy! rocking blog.. after reading it i felt like i was back there practising for the dance . . it was so memorable …and a damn cool way to put it..! yeah when i come back and read this i will be flooded with those memories again!oooh i miss those dance practises..:( but seriously the practise sessions were the best days at msrit for me!

  4. Chethna says:

    Hey!!! Though i told u i may not comment on this blog.After reading it i had a feeling that i must comment 🙂

    Seriously speaking talents day… right 4m organizing to the d-day was just an amazing experience. I agree with u that most of us became closer. In fact i can say i discovered a few of my batchmates(standing at the door i had asked some ppl 4m d other class “xcuse me, u r 4m which branch?” God that was so embarrasing)
    And u really informed me of all the happenings(which i had missed coz i was the “doorkeeper” Hehe)
    And speakin abt olivia n radhika’s exit 4m d dance nobody wud have realised if all of them din have such confused looks on their faces.
    I must tell a few years later i’m gonna come back n read this blog… Just to refresh d “VoISE” days…

  5. wasshappening says:

    This post shows the enthu that you actually need for Vo’ISE…good post!
    Even my fav performance is 3rd sem students’ dance…must say they have amazing talent!(don like the word juniors)…
    he has put up the pic man…

  6. megcloud9 says:

    now he has dear 🙂

    thanks ash !

  7. olivia says:

    @ meghana (should i call akka? …am fm the 5th sem)
    i was actually shocked when i heard you sing… trust me -you both were so good,… could hear ppl behind my seat enjoyin it and singing it along 🙂 … n seeing you, i was stunned ” my goodness! this girl is truly multi-talented … into every single thing!!! ” seriously, u rock !! 🙂

  8. junior says:

    i must say though i am not namin myself that our dept really put up a great event..though i was not involved directly involved in the event but i saw it happening..i used see to all performers and some seniors till evein from library platform..have heard about screamin specialist ashwath also from frenz..cant say much but ashwath i too like many liked the way you and sahana anchored..sply when u said about bollywood dance of my friends..proud to be a MSRIT ian and student of ISE ….

  9. nisha says:

    yup…. d talents day ws rly gud… betta dan even las tim… ashwath u did a gud job anchorin.. 🙂 at first since der weren enuf mikes n dose dat wer der wer soooo ‘gud’ i thot it wud b a disaster… but den…:) lukin bk nw i fl v al did a gr8 job.

  10. varun says:

    aaahhh…!! i get to write the latest reply which makes the total comments tally to a DOUBLE DIGIT! wat an honour….

    😛 well, i kno its not a good enuf reason to write d comment sooooooooo late… but, as they say,,, “betr late than never!!” hehe

    well abt that event, i can frankly say tht i feel i’m still part of the grp meetings … the rehersals, princi’s n hod’s office, and ofcourse!!! the grand finale .. standing silently as a spectator jus admiring at the way that all d sequences of events tuk place… frm the day when voise was supposedly handed over to us and new commitee was formed to the first event, messaging ppl abt d meeting… anxiously waiting for their acknoledgements…. wondering if the msg has reached them at all…. 😛 (i’d spice connection tat time.. so no comments) to the celebrated isoc event ! still haunts me abr the winners and participation certificates, nd wat v gt to do abt tat… and waiting for hours together to be part of the voise meeting , assigning ourselves diff jobs… getting it done….. all memories are fresh as a ripe mango jus abt to fall frm the tree!

    i see d voise team, our team frm d day whn i nd ashwath were asked to carry on d voise, i remember all had been called to the mtech room and me nd ash were giving a lecture of a kind, if i may call so… 😛 as evryone looked at us like some foreign delegate whu has come to give a seminar on an alien topic or something… hehe.. frm tat day to the day whn the talents day of that monumental saturday, voise comitee has grown frm a bunch of indivisuals to a team…. a team which brought the entire ise dept togethr in our biggest seminar hall of the coll of roughly 350 capasity….

    heart fills wit great sense of satisfaction and happiness…

    yes it was an epic event for more than 1 reasons…

    as our princi pointed out that voise when it was created under him a decade or so years ago, had no practical voice!
    and now things have started to change!

    indeed! this evnt shall mark the dawn of era f the real VOICE of ISE…( i knw i’m sounding a bit too much… but i do mean it!)

    there are lots of +ves that can frm our achivements this semisters…

    and if v negate the vry few -ves we are on a role!!!

    and i have to mention espeacially abt the performers… they did such a gud job…. and evn to oliv and radhika, actually i tot tat was part of the show, so almost sure that nobody noticed it except those who have read this blog entry 😛

    and spl salutations to the ppl who performed even facing injuries which occured hardly a day or two b4 the event!

    hats off to them!

    and thanks to our coll authorities including murali sir , even though the acoustics was nt nearly as desired by poo :O
    i stick my head out and say they did a fair job of giving us rooms , halls for practice when ever we asked for!

    last words to end my BIIIIIIg comment!


    ISE KICKS ASS!!! 😀

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