left me thinkin…………

Posted: January 7, 2009 in Movies

“tum abhi vidhwa ban chuki ho”,,,another voice replies..”kab tak”..don think this is one of dialogues from govinda s movies..where he fools around with kader khan to irritate  him to the max..this conversation is from wat i can call most touchin movie of my life..as like most of critically acclaimed movie it has vague moves(including its title and relevance to the story)but left me thinkin is the concept of the movie..the time set of the movie..more over the dialogues…the movie which i saw this mornin was WATER..the oscar nominated indo-canadian film..deepa mehta the fiesty director and seema biswas the ultimate performer..

as soon as i finished the movie..it left me in a lurch..realism at its best i thought..right from scene one..the movie keeps engagin u at every frame..must say it hits jus at the rite place..it basically talks about chuyia the main protagonist in the movie which revolves around widow celebcy..set in 1938 varanasi..it talks abt how widow s lead their life and how they wre treated by the society.Chuyia believes that her mother will come to take her home. Here she meets several elderly women, including the head of the house, Madhumati; a quiet, confident woman named Shakuntala; and a gorgeous young woman named Kalyani — all widows..it says there are three ways for a widow.1.either become a sati 2.marry the husbands youger brother.3.or lead a life of seclusion…the best part of the movie is seema biswas s expressions..sply in the climax scene where she runs on the plaform..amazin!!!!Kalyani meets and falls in love with young Narayan, a follower of Mahatma Gandhi, who wants to marry her, despite his mother’s protests. But on the day he comes to take her to his home, as they are crossing the river to his family estate, Kalyani recognizes the house, the very same house she had been forced to visit as a “prostitute,” to be with Narayan’s father.

the movie speaks of ill treatment of widows in their places of livin..the demonish zamindars..and wave of change durin gandhiji s time…wat makes is a really great movie,,with a tinge of serenity in every frame…

comin down to my view of the whole movie..wat make did think was the overall story tat was compellin to the core..the dialogues like when john asks his servent..abt his drinkin habits..servent replies”haath bhi nahi lagata”..john adds..”mooh bhi nahi lagana”..truly impactful…wat makes the movie water so special is also its narration..i really did feel though the situation of widows has tremendously improved in urban areas..the villages are still no diff..how many have we heard about funeral pyre leaps and harrasements due to superstitions..it is agonisin..and tats wat the movie ends with..it conveys the msg..its not tat dharma makes man..but man who follows dharma in right way make him a man..

hats off gandhi!!its indeed true!!!

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  2. msmallya86 says:

    By this post, I could actually visualize the movie and its motive.
    There’s no life for widows in this country . The situation maybe better in urban areas but in villages and especially remote places in the north , they are harassed in all possible ways. As mentioned, they are forced into prostitution or made to lie on their husband’s pyre(sati system) or they are tortured by the family members. We need to wipe out such discrimination. But HOW???? coz even literates are involved in such reckless behaviour.

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