everythin historic!!!

Posted: January 11, 2009 in wat i ve seen!!!

i had begun writin this entry some months back..but had no trigger to bring it out..but last evenin when i happen to see some videos..i really thought..this one is indeed historic which i shall cherish throughout my life..don know why i couldn think of it untill these vacations..i remember my great grandpa tellin me stories of how he was arrested by british and how they planned an escape..and i always thought..damn..why did the britishers leave.i ll have no stories to tell my grandchildren..tat too not only a normal story..but an eventful one..

rite from my school life i always thought representin my school… college..and even country..and more importantly winning it and winnin against my fav opposition..i still remember winnin 2nd in group dance competition in which we had beaten a our rival GALS school..god!!the way we d celebrated it..i still rememeber it..

when i talk abt this particular incident..my fingers still freeze..throat swells up..it was the 5 round of IIT delhi parliamentarydebate..i was sittin with my teamates waitin for the match ups to be announced..we d lost the prev two rounds so this was mighty crucial for us..a win would brighten our chances to quarters..still we had to keep every step watchfully..the screen lit on stage and theme appeared on it as SPORTS..the whole croud roared with enthusiasm..it was the theme every team was waitin for..then came the match ups.i could feel my heart poundin in my brain…then came another screen flash and came the match ups..it was MSRIT B(my team) v/s LSE Lahore..my heart skipped a beat..paki teams are known for their eloquence and more importantly amazin line of thought..we bein engineers had a single weapon..LOGIC!!!all teams started movin towards the respective venues for the debate..we had to wait in hall as tat was our place..since our opp team waz an international team we had IIT D profs too watchin the debate..then came the toss..we won the tos and decided to go as proposition or government..then we had to decide upon the topic of the three given to us..it was abt CRICKET..so this is why this debate is too close to my heart..jus imagine why i call it historic..its INDIA v/s PAKISTAN..in DELHI..and on CRICKET!!!!simply historic to the core for me..the topic was abt whether newer technology was needed in cricket..basically referred to the use of sneekometer and referrel system to the third umpire..we exactly put on the same case in front of the opposition and mind it the player s referrel system wasn in place or discussion..i had thought of it..thanks to my minuscule love for tennis..i knew such a system existed there and thought why not in cricket!!!

we did catch them offguard with such a case..but still paki teams are fighters(like cricketeers) sply when playin against india sply when we put cricket in place..i happen to be the last speaker from my team..so i knew the pressure was on me..though my first two speakers had done an exemplanory job..still i had to finish it off..as i wen on to speak..i looked at the audience..their faces as tensed as viewers of the last ball of LAGAAN mtch..the judges waitin for me sprout a word..the opposition waitin for me to make a mistake..i began in quite a husky voice but as began rebuttin..i became more louder and agressive..it was this moment i waited for my so many years..a chance to stand wearin a badge india and fight the war(of words) against pakistan(my fav opp) on platform of cricket(my religion)..i remember as i finished my speech i dunno wat the audience did i jus walked back to my team and asked them howz it..they told me it was my best till date..then they told me it was more of experience for an audience as it was not just an amazin debate speech but also an appeal to their hearts as why we must win the debate!!!this made me a lot lighter..

finally when results wre out..we d won the debate!!i rememeber i almost went crazy on streets on IIT D..runnin all thru them..yellin..for others its was just a debate which we d won..for me it was a dream..which still is fleshy in my grey matter(and will always be)..thus it was an expereince which i shall never forget(a good story to my grandchildren)…


  1. msmallya86 says:

    whoa , truly historic …..BRAVO
    Its just like one of the dreams which isn’t possible for many to make it come true.
    Presence of mind and skills will surely take you a long way in future.
    Don’t let these memories fade away when u become a great grandpa 😛

  2. Grand-children? That’s really planning ahead! Good on you! Here’s a toast, to more such stories in the future!

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