angers me!! certainly….

Posted: January 23, 2009 in wat i ve seen!!!

i usually blog when either m very frustrated or i m moved by somethin which i witness..well wat m witnessin now is belgaum legislation session at JNMC audi with speaker askin members to occupy their seats and so called members screamin their guts out after a good round of hoggin at delicious cuisine and sound sleep at the air conditioned hall…but by wat i m frustrated is the way 26/11 convict  Ajmal Amir kasab s case is bein handled..not tat m a staunch non-believer of human rights for criminals but i feel its too bad for the judiciary to keep failin consistantly..its been happenin again and again..i still remember when indian judiciary in order to prove itself just and equal has displayed its non-functionality at various levels..let me begin..

after the mumbai blasts when the police gathered proof against D company chief..menon family and many hard core hand in glove people..wat did the judiciary declared tat every person has a right to fight untill proven guilty..i agree to it..but if such proofs are available why do u want to give them the slightest of chance to escape..wats the use of police probin and collectin proofs when they only have to see the arrested pple stay in hi-fi jails temporarily or keep avoidin the judgements by shiftin ahead of the dates..wat remains in the end is an easy to  make or break system which can be manipulated carelessly..the same thing happen tat time also..our chief justice declared anyone to could fight dawood ibrahim s case..then arose or country s so called best lawyer and now politician Ram Jethmalani who was fightin D s case..jus think of the situation..u have the best lawyer of the nation on the opp side..i don feel its wrong to call it an assault on our democracy considerin the delayed judgements already in favour of guilty and accused..our premier lawyer rolled his best dice to ensure tat D company was intact fillin his bank account and partyin at henchmens farm houses in nation and abroad..i wud like to ask why was it necessary to give such a kind of let off to a person whom everyone knew was guilty..where was the bar association which strikes every fortnight for increase in hike to govt lawyers..why dint it stop mr.malani from takin dawood s case..why did mr.malani think tat his profession comes b4 the security of the nation..its coz of tat failure we can attribute many of underworld and terrorists funds still active at our neighbours house(pakistan)..

speakin of the current situation..wats happenin now..the person arrested of thosewho killed our officers like hemant karkare..major unnikrishnan..still languishin in best available GUEST HOUSES of our nation..reason–our judiciary which says..his not been proven he s our guest from neighbourin nation..and again CJI declares he can hire a lawyer to fight..has the CJI forgotten the loss of lives in india..the uproar it caused in minds and hearts of every indian..the march protests at gateway of india which the media gleefully tat terrorist can walk back to his land lke a hero or keep his trial pendin as in the case of ansari(the parliament attack convict) this the reason why we muct be proud of the judiciary..proud of democracy..i certainly don think so..wat it ll infact lead to is acts of extremism by our very own pple who want answers from politicians..courts..judges and yes  more whom they call FELLOW-INDIANS…..


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