The big Indian fat FAMILY wedding!!

Posted: February 2, 2009 in wat i ve seen!!!

As i quote here the verbatim meaning of marriage from the oxford dictionary which states tat its association of two pple coming together making an alliance to stay together..but as i mention in the very topic of my post as Family wedding..hence i stick to this defn of mine sayin that marriage is not only as alliance of two individuals but also a culmination of two family s in themselves..i guess by now u must have interpreted the rest of the word s meaning..i.e Big is obvious the magnitude of relationships involved..Fat is the proportion of this celebration called marriage..and yes above all the fulcrum of my whole defn of this post..INDIAN!!!

this is been a post which mainly involves my view of wat marriages mean to me(trust me;m still not a grad)..sply in our community every event or action carried out by the bride or groom s side has an articulate it performin of pooja s at home which mainly signifies the beginin of a good func at home or the invitin of guests..

next wat i ve loved the most in all our family marriages is the evenin b4 marriage..the dance..the hulla..the masti..i still remember dancin at all my cousin s atrocious yet cult dancin made sure pple still sometimes stare at me not only on the street where i danced but also the band members of who played the i d sply like to mention the typical tunes played by petty yet large heated bands of belgaum which are truly amazin..moreover they are so infectious tat once when me and cousin had actually been to book the band we did do a jig at a stranger s marriage procession..and yes the crowd too jeered of the most memorable incis i remember is durin my sister s marriage…the 1/2 a km procession path actually took abt 1 1/2 hrs to be completed with the groom s side too being entusiastic pple..we also made the dulha do a bit of leg shakin..later it was also the turn of bride s and groom s parents to chain up and dance!!trust me t was great fun…and yes add to the infamous naagin dance between me and my cousin!!!

next comes wat i can say is the most imp func acc to me..time of introduction of relatives of  both our language we call it edurigolluvudu..its a formal way in which the counterparts are introduced to each other..why i feel this is imp is that.when we talk abt somethin like a marriage..there the relation is not only knit between two pple but also the whole set of pple associated between two pple..for a new relation to begin theres always a need for ice breakin session which indeed is this program..i too ve been a part of this many times and yes it has made me realize tat the world is indeed small..

next comes on the ceremony of formally invitin the groom for the marriage..where the bride s side ask the groom and his parents to come over for the func..i ve always been a part of discussions(mostly with gals of my age in my family)as why is it so that bride s parents are involved in playin the bent fiddle roles..this is exactly wat i refute..when u are talkin abt marryin off ur daughter(the integral part of ur family) u need to see that u show it to the groom s side tat we love our gal..u too better love her the same way in our house..this is why their love is transformed into so much enthusiasm durin the course of marriage..this i believe signifies that no side is ever at the receivin end..and sply in todays wat i can say educated world its always the balancin act..

the next of the act durin the marriage is pretty synonymous in all communities where both lead stars give their consent and begin the journey of too wat i believe is the most significant part is that they give in their consent in presence of well wishers n frenz..meanin tomo u refute of the decision..u make a fool of yourself..moreover it brings in a sense of responsibilty of both of em to chalk the road ahead..

now comes the session which i shall hate throughout my life..i still the tears rollin down and throat bulgin when my eldest cousin got married(i was in 7th) to the way i hid in my mom s pallu durin my sister s time of leavin after marriage..tat moment there s a flashback of all events come in front of ur eyes tat u ve shared with may be the when u laughed ur guts out for the silliest of jokes to the times u simply fought with em over a trivial issue..all those petty incidents go on connectin till u realize..she s finally leavin my house!!!i still remember the way i glance thru all my snaps with my sis on the nite after her weddin..

on the contrary when as a family we wre returnin bac from my bro-cousin s marriage there wre glimpses as how the marriage went and  chats and antakshari sessions rite thru the train journey with numerous digs at pple arnd..also there was this feelin of how to talk to the new member in the family..tat feelin melts down slowly however..

this post of mine can be called my micro-scopic view of wat a marriage is..but still this is wat i ve seen and percieved..but frankly speakin the big indian fat weddings are still incomplete without FAMILY..

  1. olivia says:

    so true!! indian marriages are so so beautiful n so much fun, wid the entire huge family gettin involved in everythin , n the atmosphere gets so joyous n all…
    n that too ,they are pretty unique in every single indian culture … waitin to witness urs,btw ..haha!

  2. ash4u says:

    olive-mine!!well 9 yrs down the line!!when u ll be a mumma with 3-4 kids arnd u!!!

  3. olivia says:

    haha! omg ashuuuuuuooooo….. !!

  4. trust u for making it sound so good… believe me it aint that great .. whats the point of looting the girls father and havng a celeb for 4 days?? cant it be like some sweet simple marriage with closed ones and a party later on in the eve with dancing and everythin incl?wonder what s the point of havin such a long over -the-top marriage ceremonies.. and as far as knowin each others family members s concerned if both families get together and arrange the ceremony they ll surely get to know and the cost of the marriage gets equally shared!!

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