Posted: May 3, 2009 in Movies

1.If Govinda has the tag No.1(coolie no 1,hero no 1)…wat does Akshay Kumar has as his trademark—
2.RAJ,RAHUL,VEER—connect them—-
3.Which two beauty queens alongside akshay kumar in the movie Andaaz—
4.Kajol s name in the movie DDLJ—
5.”Seven cities claimed Homer dead where living Homer begged his bread”—which movie am I talkin abt???
6.Complete the trio DOOSRA KEVAL,FAUJI,—
7.Which movie is a remake of the Hollywood flick Seven Brides for Seven Brothers—
8.Karan Johar :SRK::Prakash Mehra:–
9.Naseeruddin Shah bowls and Sunil Gavaskar bats..which movie(paisa hi paisa)—
10.India s first official entry into Oscars(jai mata di)—
11.All three Khans together on screen once..which movie—
12.If I am watchin hollywood flick West Side Story which bollywood film can I relate it to—
13.I can call it most illogical scene I ve been a part of..Big B sayd this..wat is he talkin abt??:–
14.If I played the role of an idiot called Robert in ANDAAZ APNA APNA..wat was i in SHOLAY—
15.Aishwarya Rai s first TV appearance was for which ad—
16.Imran Khan was first time on screen(bachcha role)—
17.Govinda ,Dharmendra,Hema Mailini—common thing in these bollywood stars—
18.ChoriChori:Aamir Khan::Shri 420:–
19.if I am humming songs..”main yahaan hoon” and “EK ladki ko dekha toh”..apart from Javed Akhtar s lyrics wats common in these movies.—
20.Previously titled Yajna..this made it to the Oscars—
21.If I am seein the beautiful gardens of Holland on screen which were for the first time shown in a Bollywood movie..which song am I seein..(BIG B)
22.I have been a part of 2 Blockbusters biggest in Indian was biggest hit of its times..other Oscar entry..who am i..(old man!!)

  1. ashvin says:

    nice post dear….

    Keep It up ….I Find one good Blog ….keep It up

    Thank you so. Much For Share a Good Knowledge ..Once Again thank you

    From Rajesh (India)

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