sometime later..its still haunting me…..

Posted: May 7, 2009 in wat i ve seen!!!

well my bloggin had almost got a semi-colon b4 i realized i need to get back to wat i enjoyed the most about 2 months ago…and here m back again..perhaps reason m bloggin..same reason why i started off say somethin i always wanted to but couldn..or said it but none understood close to wat i felt..

well was goin thru an amazin period of life..our college winnin the VTU fest for the first time..m walkin the fashion ramp..showin my exploits in biz short;life at its best…then came in The Christ Parliamentary Debate on feb 28 n march 1…Christ Coll s been quite a hunting ground for me so i really hoped i could make most out of this tournament..Infact i did get an amazin team also..consistin of Aniket(whom i always wanted in my team as i knew both of  us could rip teams apart) and Upasana(finest speakers to come into our debsoc this season)…so here we wre as MSRIT A team to compete in the debates…

Well first debate was quite a run-up with us MSR Law team with unanimous win…then came in one of my fav debates in my debatin career..against National Law School of India University..the institute which produces all asian champion debaters..Being opposition we did an awesome job hopin tat brand name NLSIU could be beaten at last..and yes we did beat NLSIU..Man..if i ever felt so satisfied in my debatin was this moment..We then had another one debate which we won comfortably and yes i was in first Semi-Final of my life..Felt great to go into the tourney as not exactly a winnin team n do this well…Semi finals was with one of our coll teams itself..which we manage to beat comfortably…then came in the moments which i had waited all through my life…

i remember walkin thru the corridors of christ coll at 7 in evenin thinkin wat will happen in the FINALS  of the debate..i remember watchin cricketeers warmin up b4 the finals of a world cup match and hear to preview of the match..felt the same adreline rush in my body..couldn jus believe wat was happenin arnd me..had my entire debsoc there for me cheerin and wantin to win first ever debate championship for the coll…and i too hoped for the same..tat winnin against arch-rivals RVCE would be great..wat i was scared is wat if i lost the debate..and i wasn wrong…

after a group hug we entered the debate room…after the prep time the debate began with our team in the opposition..i must say all three of us gave best speeches of our life on a skewed line of thought proposed by the other team..sply aniket who went in as the first speaker from our side managed to do a gem of a job..never saw him so aggressive in debate b4..he was on fire..after the debate was overwe all waited for the verdict..though we knew we had given our best shot..still somewhere i believed a win or loss mattered to me.. a lot!!!

result was out and we had lost the debate..though at tat moment i thought it was just another debate to lose didn know wat it wud to me..tat nite i remember goin thru the whole debate..even in my dreams i had same lines of wat i spoke echoed..the next day was also in a sullen mood..not knowin wat to do ..kept thinkin wat more could i ve done to win the debate…found plenty of things but of no use..couldn repair wat had happen…left me restless..this has still continued..even now whenever i m idle..i go into tat debate..still remember word to word wat happen in tat debate..wat the other team said..wat we replied..its still fresh wat i saw..the losing moments and RVCE rejoicing their way thru…all of it wat i call a perfect nightmare…dont know how long it will trouble me..hope i get my same team and go again to christ next year and win the tournament to bury the ghosts of 1st march 2009..till then i need to wait..and try treatin worst nightmare of my life!!!


  1. meghana says:

    u win some,u lose some ash !

    every experience is a new lesson learnt 🙂 cheer up n good luck for ur next deb event ! (probably next sem!)

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