the reason i blog…i had said..will say again..

Posted: July 20, 2009 in wat i ve seen!!!

well it was between my exams durin my 4th semester i started bloggin..reason–had failed to get anger..frustration or jus let my voice flow out in best possible started writing…and yaeh it had its moments…i almost bcame an avid blogger..writin frequently..i wrote about my old diary excerpts…my wriiten short stories…experiences of life..successes..failures..and then suddenly somehow was a small hiberantion..Blame my college activities for this..infact this sem was FILLED UPTO NECK for me..slog for a month for our Dept Tech being the Co-ordinater had an extra bit of effort to pump in..Again i hate my over enthusiatic affection towards such activities..i did get drained out but had no option..April 17th finished the fest then came in The National Level debate in my college which i was the conevener..for 3 days of the event run all the way and yeah also judge some of the best debates of the life..then done with this on april 27th next came our Internal Assessments!!!the very next day..cant believe way i wrote and managed to score..but was HAPPY doin all this..could work ..enjoy at my style…so i guess never blogged..coz no anger!!

But as English poetry emphasizes on Blow Blow Thou winter wind.Thou art not so Unkind!!i believe times had to change..somethin somewhere had to happen which bring me face to face with one of the greatest personifications Life could get..”LIFE IS NOT A BED OF ROSES”..seems trivial..but hits the nail rite on the coffin!!!when things suddenly aren in your hands..when u struggle to get things rite..But somewhere luck eludes u..mockin at ur attempt makin it seem too foolish and meaningless..thats when a pain creeps in and disturbs you from within..the laughter on face n sparks of happyness are only participative not a part of u…not that i haven felt these things before..but this time i feel its not the normal scare or fear..yaa and again its the reason i m bloggin today..its my frustration..which i need to spit out..and i know this venom which m lettin out mite harm my i feel its the best for me and for the wonderful pple around me..

My mom says–a person always gives his best when he s heart pounds the most..yearns the most..wat man doesn know he ll be rewarded somehow someway..but yeah he will..only thing he can do is survive these times and hold the threads of relations with love n care..and see them grow to be your greatest support..

i second ur thought mom!!!as always!!!

hopin to be soon happy_angry frustrated son of urs!!


  1. Best of Luck with everything!
    I’m sure something will come through.
    But only if you spell ‘convener’ right, next time 😀

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