Sometimes he missed her..sometimes she…

Posted: August 9, 2009 in Stories

As his cell backlight lit he with utmost anxiety pressed the read button to see wat was her reply.It wasn the case that he feared rejection but being quite a person who liked things tro go smoothly rather perfectly he hoped that reply would come something as he expected.He suddenly flipped he s cell reverse and once again went through all those moments he had lived with her..thought not really lived..but some imagined..some felt and some which he just spent with her on cyberspace…

Aakash layed back in his bed stepped down the memory lane recalling his first meet with Amrita..which was much of disarray owing to his professional attitude for which some pple around him loved him for.It was about a discussion for his college s cultural day celebrations and he being a coordinater was quite a bit stern on getting jobs meticulously done by his juniors and yeah she was one..After few words of sounding like THE SENIOR around the meet was over and jobs wre distributed..there was a month lay off for festival celebration getting back was the event.Not that he noticed her too well..but definitely his attitude wasn suppossed to be taken in the best of ways by her..

A month passed off and time of the event came and here he was carefully observing the practices which wre on full swing..A small mistake and he would burst out at pple responsible for that..he also burst out at her group..that was pretty loud and came from within..none of his juniors had ever seen him as ferocious as this..”where are the bloody expressions he screamed”;after the dance was over.things calmed down gradually and practices continued..

how far can cyberspace be in introducing pple and gettin to know each other well..yeah till now he was just a random senior to her and was the same..He came from a distant place in northern India and she was from glam city Mumbai…so the ice never broke for either of them as a formal introduction..till then they were bound by the cyber space and finally talks began…they varied from being a selfless youth to an ambitious student of life and its practicalities.

Their conversations would always be focussed at two different views both of them held.The chat would be filled with examples both of them would have in everyday life and end in a stalemate.But again wat was best about these chats was that later when both of them would be alone they would think as how each others perspectives are perfectly justified in their particular life and would also increase the respect for each other..not in chats but only in their minds and hearts!!!!Kind of understanding that grew between them was something both of them never expected…

One day while chattin online..Aakash as usual was multi-taskin…he was talkin about 4 different topics to 4 diffi pple..thats when he accidently sent a msg to amrita which was suppossed to be sent to someone else..the msg said “As a girl you were rite in your a guy i m wat is the prob”…this msg was actually adressed to his cousin as they discussin about restrictions in their house..but the misdirected msg exactly carried a different meanin n msg to Amrita…jus when he tried to re-correct himself..he s connection to the internet was lost…he tried to send her a SMS..but it was past 12 on 31st he had lost his balance  of his cell fone also..whole nite he kept thinkin the way the msg would have been percieved by her..wat would be her reaction…But somewhere he knew wat he never could do with intentions..he had just done tat!!!though he couldn digest that fact…for the next 2 days.he didn reply any of her msgs..which seeked explaination as why he wasn replyin…but again he was in confusion as which would be the best explaination…all these times he started missin her!!coz whenever he thought of sharin the smallest of happy news..he had none…he didn have clue where he s life was headin to..was confused to core..

but somewhere at the back of his mind he new it was the time for him to build on his ambitions…dreams..which he had seen write from the time he had come to the silicon valley…so he decided to clear the void that had been created due to his “no response” attitude…so he sent a msg to her tellin wat all he had undergone and how exactly he knew wat he wanted from life…and yeah he waited for the reply!!!!

jus then he received a msg from said..”Dude..come online..loads of things to tell u”

  1. olivia says:

    ashu…who’s the he ? n who’s the she? … 😉

    kiddin…but really nice entry 🙂

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