Performances lost in loss!!!

Posted: August 30, 2009 in Movies

From past few months i ve seen movies in which i have seen some mindblowing performances by actors/actresses..but they i guess they couldn fetch great laurels coz the movie was a flop…I short the performances were lost in the loss of the movie…..

1.Madhuri Dixit in the movie Lajja–This is one movie which i believe saw lot of amazin performances going unnoticed..Out of which Madhuri s was the best! Sply the scene in which she potrays Sita on stage who has to undergo angeepareeksha she was top notch..i still feel the questions she raises in that are valid and i am still searchin for answers for those..All in all a performance which would have surely fetched her another national award after Mrityudand….

2.Manisha Koirala in the movie Lajja–Again speakin about this movie..Manisha Koirala plays the charecter of Vaidehi, who walks out on her husband and finds that she is not the only one who has been opressed. The story is told through her eyes as the narrator.But he best act comes in the end where she shouts “Lajja aati hai” me i had seen this movie in a theatre and i was shaken by that climax…It is truly manisha at her best after Khamoshi….


3.Irrfan in Ghaath–I remember watchin this movie when i was in 7th std..on local channel..Manoj Bajpai and Om puri star in this movie which speaks about Mumbai land mafia..and yeah Irrfan was as scary as Gabbar of sholay..With his Character “Mamu”..i believe he carved a niche for himself as the sensitive cold blooded villain.Even in the climax he monologue by him is flawless..yes Irrfan..u had arrived in bollywood.


4.Aishwarya Rai and Ajay Devgan in Raincoat–If anyone s seen this Ghosh s movie which is an adaption of a Bengali short story u ll see how with minimal sets and screenplay effective performances can be etched out to the core..Be someone as classy as Ajay or prolific as Aish..both gave out their best acts..but couldn save the movie from sinkin at box office..the seen where they lie about their financial statuses is truly touchin..none other than seasoned actors like these two would have pulled off a role like this…



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