“THEY” were indeed filmy!Thats why spl!!

Posted: July 21, 2010 in Movies

These days after i have come down to spend sometime with my family in belgaum, i have been stuck on to loads of movies which i grew up watching..After i watched about 8-10 in last 3 days i d say i miss them a lot!!

There was something very special about them..Imagine Sunny Deol walking through a dark street hunting for his brother in Ghayal…Or Jackie Shroff playing the typical honest cop in Khalnayak..i would say this is what made these total “filmy”..I feel components like these have been completely lost in the recent times…i am not saying the current trend of Abhay Deol walking drunk in Dev D is bad..its conventional in itself..but the kind of movies which made me whistle, hoot,  scream are long lost i d say…

Not only the dramatic entry/exits of heroes..but even the storyline of movies has undergone a massive change..Those revenge filled movies of 90’s which had a kind of entertainment qoutient attached to them made the audience glued to seats from start to end..One of most eventful movies i d say was Ram Lakhan..Rakhee the widow who s husband was killed by Amrish Puri n co..preserves the blood stained saree along with ashes of her husband till her sons have sought revenge from the villain.. such kind of dramatic statements no longer exist in todays cinema..Nowadays we hardly see such a story line in movies..Its ideally about an NRI with a house bigger than Buckingham palace but still head strong about culture as if he s the last living candidate who s only job is to adhere to his family traditions!!

Another important aspect which i feel missing in today s movies is the unique style quotients of actors/actresses…Like the audience went berserk when they saw madhuri dixit wear her typical long frocks and round earrings and dance in rain…Likewise be it Anil Kapoor s typical One 2 Ka Four step with his arms swinging which i guess is the only move his choreographer made him perfect at so that he could repeat it in his almost all his movies!Now theres a wave of versatility which everyone wants to get sunk it..which has resulted in loss of identity of actors and increased the popularity of the roles they play..Very simple example..before  Sunny Deol would be mimicked the way he spoke in front of screen  keepin the role aside…but now everyone recognizes the character more than the actor who played it…

Obviously i feel its a gradual process of bringing in quality and sophistication into a movie keeping in mind the technicalities..but as a movie buff who still prefers a Subhash Ghai classic rather than a Anurag Kashyap anti-cliche or KJo candy floss..i would say wheres the “filmy” part in our movies now!!Why s everything turning so “real”!!!


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