When everything just got “Ambitious”

Posted: July 30, 2010 in Stories

As the ice made a cracking sound in his wine glass…and amidst the singing of an old classic of Rafi Saab whose words went this way..”Main Zindagi Ka Saath Nibhata Chalagaya”.. the now not so famous pub Zinga was not as crowded as it would be on the weekends..it was still occupied by retired men who often told stories of their ambitions and achievements..with a heavy pair of spectacles planted on his forehead he looked up at the paper infront of him and shut his eyes..

It was 11 in the morning and Anirudh hadn yet come for the final session of script writing..As the door moved apart..he came in with a satisfying smile on his face..and very soon his assistant and best friend  Vishwas knew that Anirudh had the climax of the script ready in his head..and writing it was only a mere formality..this mere formality ate up whole of the afternoon and evening that is because Anirudh was very particular about this story he was writing..His cell kept ringing and beeping but he never bothered to distract himself from the work he was doing.At around 9, the session was over and finally the he had a looked at his cell where he had a list of missed calls and messages stating..Where u? when u coming? Are we meeting today? Der? U der? Why not picking up??Reply back asap!!!As soon as he pressed the green button of his cellphone he knew the explanation had to be a near perfect one..so perfect that he would be able to pull off a sorry for not wishing his lady love Aisha on his birthday..Its true they were dating from about 4 years..but still what made them come so close to each other was the trust they had on each other..And yeah everyone around knew that this was a perfect match..He a young dashing promising movie maker and she a soon to be marketing and advertising executive.

Just after the script had been completed the big meet was on cards..meet with the producers..Anirudh knew that if this story excited his producers to back him up fully then there was no stopping  for him..His maiden venture into direction after years of theatre would be a magnum opus in itself..he could also sign the best of stars to act..best musician and infact look out for the kind of locations he wanted for his movie..With his amazing sense of film-making and art of convincing  he was able to sign of a deal with the producers for more budget than actually needed..but it had a catch..they were very particular about the release date of the movie..As the producers followed a host of numerologists and tarot card readers, they absolutely had no mercy if the release date of the movie was changed..Anirudh assured them that he himself was a man on time who wanted his movie no to get stale with extension of each release date..he had seen best of movies tumble for the same reason…He told them, “I am ambitious..and completing it is my passion” as they dispersed for a session of drinks.

Following weekend Anirudh spent with Aisha..they always had the kind of conversations which came down to simplicity, professionalism, competition, humanity, relations and of course ambitions!At the end of the day they still knew that their commitment towards their relation never had any bruises on it..From their early graduation days where he scripted and directed college plays and she danced to the latest beats..they knew wat exactly they wanted from life…She had stood beside him during the days where he was almost jobless..roamed around the studios with his ideas and stories..at the end of the day came back to her frustrated..tired..more over depressed in life..he too had given her life a new whiff of air with his presence..if not anyone in this world..he knew exactly what would make her happy when she was sad..what would make her calm down if she s angry and what to do if she just felt left out sometimes…with the period of time their relation had grown..and thus come to this day when she was waiting for her studies to get over and he for his dream project to work out just well.

Soon Anirudh  had to leave the city for his film shoot..Aisha did come to bid adieu but she had promised to herself not to make her eyes moist in front of everyone..she just hugged him before he left..left to make his movie..realize his dream..more over chase his ambitions of life.

Film shoot started off fine with his assistant friend Vishwas making everything just perfect.During the shoot Anirudh would hardly eat or sleep..he used to keep looking at the rushes..rewriting the dialogues..if not anything sharing his famous love story of how he and Aisha were almost caught in a restaurant by her father once in their college days!One afternoon while shooting Vishwas came to Anirudh  to tell him that recession had lashed its fangs at the entertainment industry too…with producers who also were active at the share markets losing money in loads..they were all set to remove a considerable amount of money from the decided deal..Which only meant Anirudh needed to find producer who could fill that void for him..as he had already planned a 3 month long stint of film shooting with all glamour and glitz sets.

That night he had a conversation  with Aisha on phone..on how grave the problem was..Immediately after that Vishwas came to his room and told him how he could do his best in this matter..Vishwas was the son of a wealthy steel factory owner who had joined film-making because he found offices and clock ticks from 9 to 5 too boring in life..Some how if he convinced his father who was a shrewd business man..all problems would be put at bay..Anirudh agreed to the solution and soon Vishwas came back with the happy news..But there was one small trade off here too..Vishwas’ father had right to intervene in everything except the content and quality of the movie..What more than a large share interest can he ask for..thought Anirudh..and continued his movie shoot…During the shoot once Aisha called him up to tell that had taken up a job at an advertising agency as its consultant in media section.They both felt like meeting up and celebrating but he was too pushed for time now..had to complete the movie in time for post production and editing.

After 2 months of no contact with Aisha , Anirudh and his team returned back to the city with the first editable print of his dream.Now the next step of advertising and marketing was the main cue…On a Thursday evening Anirudh got a call from a premier advertising firm which the now executive producer his best friend s father had suggested them that they were not interested in promoting his movie.They declared some fundamental policy issues as their reason…here s where Vishwas’ dad creeped in..he informed that he would continue investing for post production and promotion only if the advertising was done by the company which had rejected the deal..as it was the best..Little did Anirudh know that dirty business politics was being played making his dream the pawn…The alternative ad company was run by rivals of Vishwas’ company..so if they would lose this deal, they would be under heavy loss as the primary deal was finalized long back with it…The following day Anirudh went to meet the officials incharge of the ad company which had rejected the deal…He was amazed to see a confident Aisha sitting on the consultant s desk who would now be talking to Anirudh..Without much hesitation she said “ Mr.Anirudh…I am trying my best to convince our directors but they don’t want any risk over this issue..”..They soon broke down the formal barriers and started talking normally..ofcourse he knew how to win her back..knowing she was annoyed with him for not being in touch…Finally knowing the problem Anirudh had , she agreed to get him this deal somehow..When the other advertising company with whom the deal was called off, came to know of a young consultant who was just snatching the deal away from them.the were searching for means to stump the whole deal..But they did not know that scaring the producers would withdraw Anirudh had also bribed the directors of the ad agency..Aisha had warned him from doing so as she was sure she could get him this deal by fair means..but this was Anirudh s ambition..his dream..he couldn risk it…Unaware of all this dirt, Vishwas was on his editing job along with dubbing schedules..the media just provided more hype to fight between two ad moghuls rather than the movie and its storyline…Finally the movie was ready with its first print and time had come now to give it to Aisha s ad agency who would now look at the movie and think out ways to promote the movie..That evening Anirudh and Vishwas went together to Aisha s office and handed over the print..She told him, she would be free in an hour and so he could pick her up and take her out for dinner as promised by him.Both Anirudh and Vishwas waited in a coffee shop nearby watching a news channel and talking about how market was now expected to boom..After his fourth sip of hot expresso..Anirudh saw the TV which was now showing a building going down to flames..He was shocked when he realized that it was Aisha s office building which was sprouting flames from all sides..

In the hospital Anirudh sat beside Aisha who had suffered 40% burns on her body..by now he had come to know the rivalry between agencys had been responsible and in this fire;  his dream, his movie print had been stolen and news was that it had been leaked online for free..What he wished now was his relation to survive after his ambition had been out in flames..which had also burnt his relation…The rival agency in wake of their loss had ruined his whole life..After a week Aisha was now fit to walk around and discharged from the hospital..Anirudh told Aisha that he had found a job a job for himself at the film institute in another country and so would be joining there after their marriage..Vishwas was nowhere to be found in this whole mishap..Anirudh wondered what had happen to him..He tried going to his house a few times but never managed to see him..That weekend both of them got married and shifted to the quarters given to him by the institute…No one knew where Anirudh and Aisha had gone..they had kept the whole thing a secret between themselves..Even the media was quite surprised as where the young director and his girl friend had fled…The news slowly shifted from the first to second page..second to third and then was lost one day in numerous similar stories.

As Anirudh opened his eyes and stared at the paper which had his friend Vishwas’ acceptance speech at an award function which had concluded recently for having won the best director award…Vishwas in his speech had mentioned about his search for Anirudh..about how his father had him sent off to far off place for a business deal just after the fire incident..and how he could not meet Anirudh later in his life…Anirudh had not seen the movie still which had won his best friend and award….he had only heard from his students that movie talked about “Ambitions in a person’s life…very same Ambition!!”


  1. moanvi das says:

    hey ash4usays!Dis is Moanvi from Kolkata.Story of urs is truly touching.I have been reading many blog entries from past two days but this story of yours really was worth reading.i will also start blogging soon.will mail u the link soon

    Moanvi Das

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