Just a li’l Feeling

Posted: November 19, 2010 in wat i ve seen!!!

When I stepped into my college yesterday after a period of 4 months i was more or less looking at finishing my work and viewing a cultural extravaganza and then heading back home.I did not know that this journey would take me so deep down the lane that it would give me a tinge of self actualization. As I stepped into the entrance of the front foyer my ears were filled by the same hustle which I have been feeling from past 4 years.The colourful brouchures were still stuck on the notice board which I used read every day to check what new opportunity it had in store for me.I continued walking towards my department in a newly constructed link which led me to my department.Every step I took made me rewind and think..”I was here once…I stood there chatting with my frenz…I fulfilled my debating pleasures there for 3 long years”.Then I saw the people around me..which ever place I went..was happy to get a smile from them..Specially the librarian under whose watchful eyes I studied during exams..who used to caution me about of cell phones in the library.He told me he often misses seeing me in the corner of the library fidgeting with the photocopied text books and staying in the library till he finally shut the door at 10:50 night.Then I started moving towards my department to meet my teachers there.They all warm heartedly asked me about how my life in the corporate world was going.Then came something which I was excited the most about.For quite sometime I had never witnessed a function purely as a spectator in my department.Some or the other way I would be associated with it, knowing the whole plot before.


The moment I entered the hall where the function was being conducted it took me back to the first time this cultural extravaganza was conducted on a large scale in the department in this very hall.I remember quite a bit of struggle convincing the content and quality was upto the mark so that it could be showcased to the audience of different age groups and ideals.I remember the long sessions I had with my team in discussing what take away will every group of audience have.There  was a conscious effort to transform it into an experience from a  program for the audience.I remember being the host of the event, making sure all the nitty grittys of the event was sealed perfectly.Before writing this blog I remember look at all the photos of the event.It was absolutely fabulous.


As the event began I could see my own team in the current organizing committe members faces.The person in-charge of the food coupons..the person who was managing the logistics..the hosts juggling with last minute changes in the program.As it continued I could see the energy, enthusiasm and the freshness brought into the organization by the current committee.They carefully had planned out every single details of the event from seating arrangement to the discipline management.The whole program with its diverse nature conquered many hearts.From the gracious kathak sequence Kahe  ched from Devdas to the solo Mike Jackson performance, it truly was high on its standard.The unique prayer number Ek tu hi Bharosa was quite a fresh whiff breaking the trend from religious rendering which I never favoured.The indo-western dance sequence of songs Chalka re and other foot tapping numbers was absolutely brilliantly choreographed.Another noteworthy mention was the dance sequence of south cult-punjabi mix which was told to me was performed with minimal practice.One thing I felt about the song sequences was that with minimal music the songs could be much more soothing, this is because of the not so-good acoustics the hall has.And moreover the our beloved principal speaking about the formation of the whole student organization truly made the recap all improvisations organization had undergone in the years I was a part of it.The band as usual was brilliant with its performance.On the whole the show was an amazing experience for me as a spectator who had come expecting nothing short of what I saw.I would like to say that what the organizers showed us is the all that’s needed to make a show successful is integrated effort from the whole team keeping all personal hassles at bay.


When I left the college to get back home I often kept thinking how this attachment with my college, department has grown even stronger after I have graduated.I still keep searching for myself sometimes.May be I am still there…in the seminar halls…on the LHC stairs…benches near the department..corridors.. the front foyer..or may be in the old  canteen which I don’t see now…



  1. Nisha says:

    How true… 🙂 Every time I set foot in my college I notice things that I probably never cared for in 4 years… I miss college a li’l bit more every day… And if I could go back and do the whole thing again- all of it- maybe I would. 🙂

  2. Nitya says:

    Waiting for the next open debate 🙂 🙂

    And this is my new blog address…ur page still shows the old one 🙂

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