What actually made them “TICK”le!

Posted: December 14, 2010 in Movies

Last afternoon when i came back home after a sumptous lunch and desert with my cousins i was thinking as i how i could spend my rest of the noon and evening.No good movies left to watch in theatre.As i surfed through the channels of my TV set i found 2 channels which were airing movies which i thought were best of what i could get that time.The movies that were being played were Hero No.1 and Raja Babu.I hardly could bring our any difference in starcast of both the movies.Comprising of Govinda,Karisma,Shakti Kapoor and veterans like Kader Khan,
Himani Shivpuri, Aruna Irani and the long list of David Dhawan regulars.What made me thinking after i finished both these movies was something strange..Inspite of being panned by “CRITICS” and dismissed as NON-SENSE by pundits what was present in these movies which made them tick also tickle the audience’ ribs?

Everything about these movies is so casual and upright.No sensitive camera angles, no tailspin screenplay, spunky out of the world dialogues.One of the dialogues which still make me laugh out loud is when Govinda hums..”Tere ishq mein kya kya nahin kiya Meena..Kabhi bana kutta kabhie kameena”There was something unusual in those movies all the time.Be it the whacky script..out of the world gags..peppy songs with lyrics penned during a boring hindi
class in school..the spunky characters who were just perfect in their roles!!

Come on!Just listen to this lyrics…”maine paidal se ja raha tha, unhe cycle se aa rahee thee kiya ting ting kaa ishara mujhe badnam kiya naa..maine cycle se ja raha tha, unhe tamtam se aa rahee thee kiya tan tan kaa ishara mujhe badnam kiya naa”..ha ha cant believe apart from lip synching the actors even managed to dance to these songs..in their own style!Another song which i remember the most singing is the one from Rajaji..”Sunday ki raat thi..pehli mulaakat thi”..i agree penning such a line is not a great deal but what should actually be seen is the valour with which the makers use it in a movie.

How can we talk about these movies and not talk about the costumes.Be it Govinda s yellow jacket in Sona kitna sona hai..or Shakti s open naada in Raja Babu..or even Govinda s tapori costume in Dulhe Raja..All of these just blow ur mind up and u think, well bollywood talks about being stylish..Yes it does talk about it!!Another interesting thing which i
like to say is about the song in Coolie No 1 “husn hai suhaana ishq hai deewaana” In which the actress’ dress changes every frame!!Check out the Youtube video for more..

The David Dhawan team made around 28 movies with ALMOST the same actors..out of these 17 were successful!Most of the 28 made a cost recovery business considering the investment in these movies.Infact these movies still gather a TRP higher than some hard-hitting recent movies on movie channels..Isn the answer SIMPLE..these movies inspite of their awkwardness clicked and tickled the audience’s ribs!


  1. Sven Doehler says:

    Great article. I found this searching for the title of your article. Regarding your blog,I have to say that you have done a good job here. Thanks.

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