Posted: December 16, 2010 in wat i ve seen!!!

My friends always ask why each of my posts related or referenced to Bollywood or movies..but coming from land of Amitabh bachchans and SRKs and Rajnis..its definitely fair for me to do that..after all that’s exactly how we see life in India..live that life..relate things happening in life..express our feelings way some actor would have done it…from posing like the DCH trio to the biking  stunts of Devgan movies we always love living the short life of being someone”else”.Dont know why..blame it on my inheritance or just environment I grew in..the incidents which I could connect with movies I always did my best with them…be it mouthing the words or throwing actions at hitherto..i just loved expressing  myself like “REEL LIFE” characters..TODAY too I feel like the same..yeah yeah..first try connecting the following…Salman s character in second half of maine pyaar kiya…Anil Kapoor s in Ram Lakhan..Shashi Kapoor in Deewar one scene which is common in all  these movies..come on!!!! for the “new movie” crowd I give  another cue…Ranbir in Wake Up Sid..Got it? Or still not??

Well today wat makes me happy and wat makes me scream out this mail,  is the joy which individuals in the above movies blended themselves in..Call it the first salary or in the filmy terms “Mere mehnet ki pehli Kamai”..doesn it feel truly satisfying when u know that u ve achieved something materialistic ; but above everything  this materialistic thing is something that somehow defines ur success in this petty imperialistic world…I know it’s not the figure of the “kamai” that runs in our mind..but the very sense of achievement which makes us happy!!I still remember when I watched Maine Pyaar Kiya on Television playing the video cassette on the VCR(those days Cassettes were a major craze!!)The scene where in Salman returns after a tiresome truck ride fighting the goons and collects his first salary which is peanuts compared to his father s wealth..what gets him moving is the feeling that I have learnt something today..that earning my own food is the most realistic success in life…The transition of this very scene in movies is again worth observing..70’s and 80’ s movies had Police Officer as their premier job which the hero achieves after going lots of pain and humiliation..but then came Wake Up Sid…a cool and unnerved Ranbir walks out of house only to accidently think of a job of photographer for a magazine and later achieving success in it..There goes the transition from a police officer who fights the vengeful thugs to a photographer who lives and lets live…And yay the scene where he leaves his father moist eyed is when he places his first salary and says he s learnt to live finally!

From a long time I always used to ask my cousin s and sibling how it feels to an “OWN” bank account with “OWN” money in it..They replied talking about the security and future jazz..but I feel theres more to it..which a human cant express even by most uncommonly humane expressions..Because just like the first cycle ride…first touch of friendship…first cry of joy..FIRST SALARY is something which has its own meaning and importance..When I asked my frenz what they plan to do with their first salary,  all of them had plans..even I have my own..what joins us all together is the feeling that will run in our heart tonite; before going to sleep ”today I got my first salary!!”

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