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What actually made them “TICK”le!

Posted: December 14, 2010 in Movies

Last afternoon when i came back home after a sumptous lunch and desert with my cousins i was thinking as i how i could spend my rest of the noon and evening.No good movies left to watch in theatre.As i surfed through the channels of my TV set i found 2 channels which were airing movies which i thought were best of what i could get that time.The movies that were being played were Hero No.1 and Raja Babu.I hardly could bring our any difference in starcast of both the movies.Comprising of Govinda,Karisma,Shakti Kapoor and veterans like Kader Khan,
Himani Shivpuri, Aruna Irani and the long list of David Dhawan regulars.What made me thinking after i finished both these movies was something strange..Inspite of being panned by “CRITICS” and dismissed as NON-SENSE by pundits what was present in these movies which made them tick also tickle the audience’ ribs?

Everything about these movies is so casual and upright.No sensitive camera angles, no tailspin screenplay, spunky out of the world dialogues.One of the dialogues which still make me laugh out loud is when Govinda hums..”Tere ishq mein kya kya nahin kiya Meena..Kabhi bana kutta kabhie kameena”There was something unusual in those movies all the time.Be it the whacky script..out of the world gags..peppy songs with lyrics penned during a boring hindi
class in school..the spunky characters who were just perfect in their roles!!

Come on!Just listen to this lyrics…”maine paidal se ja raha tha, unhe cycle se aa rahee thee kiya ting ting kaa ishara mujhe badnam kiya naa..maine cycle se ja raha tha, unhe tamtam se aa rahee thee kiya tan tan kaa ishara mujhe badnam kiya naa”..ha ha cant believe apart from lip synching the actors even managed to dance to these their own style!Another song which i remember the most singing is the one from Rajaji..”Sunday ki raat thi..pehli mulaakat thi”..i agree penning such a line is not a great deal but what should actually be seen is the valour with which the makers use it in a movie.

How can we talk about these movies and not talk about the costumes.Be it Govinda s yellow jacket in Sona kitna sona hai..or Shakti s open naada in Raja Babu..or even Govinda s tapori costume in Dulhe Raja..All of these just blow ur mind up and u think, well bollywood talks about being stylish..Yes it does talk about it!!Another interesting thing which i
like to say is about the song in Coolie No 1 “husn hai suhaana ishq hai deewaana” In which the actress’ dress changes every frame!!Check out the Youtube video for more..

The David Dhawan team made around 28 movies with ALMOST the same actors..out of these 17 were successful!Most of the 28 made a cost recovery business considering the investment in these movies.Infact these movies still gather a TRP higher than some hard-hitting recent movies on movie channels..Isn the answer SIMPLE..these movies inspite of their awkwardness clicked and tickled the audience’s ribs!



Posted: September 2, 2010 in Movies

What is common between Dev Anand, Shammi Kapoor, Rajesh Khanna, Rajinikanth, Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan?

They are all not just individual superstars but first a HERO.

The other day I offered my watchman a couple of spare tickets for a newly released hindi film. First thing he asked me before accepting the offer “bhaiya hero kauuun hain“.

Hero today is synonymous with stars or rather superstars. But do we know the reason why? Actors don’t become Stars overnight. What’s makes a star out of an actor is his ability to play the Hero meticulously and consistently. The secret of superstars or rather Heroes is that they qualify and deliver to certain expectations from the audience. So what’s the definition of a ‘HERO’?

To understand it in simple terms lets break it up… H-E-R-O

H: Histrionics
Film is a derived medium of entertainment. Derived largely from theatre, which was existent since centuries. Theatre is about acting live in front of several people who watch the performance from various distances and angles. Therefore the actors have to give a highly charged and melodramatic presentation to engage the audience. This charged and larger than life, showmanship got absorbed by cinema so much so that it has become an integral part of its bloodstream. Actors employ the audience’s attention with their ability to exhibit various emotions credibly through their screen characters. In Bollywood especially we have great actors who have played different shades of drama, romance, comedy and action in the same film within the same character width. Histrionics is when the actors emotionally absorb the audience and keep them awestruck with their onscreen charm and chutzpah. Histrionics thus becomes one of the most important components of a Hero’s identity.

E: Empathy
To empathize with, literally means to identify with. We all have the desire to become heroes in our own right. Like Dale Carnegie put it, “All human actions are out of the sex urge or the desire to be great.” Thus it’s easy to identify with heroes who are in pursuit of achievements that make them larger than life. The conflicts created in the story act as stumbling blocks and put the Hero in distress time and again. The vulnerability in the Hero moves the audience and thus they love to empathize with him since in reality we all are crammed with vulnerabilities. Heroes use their might and will to overcome these hindrances both external and internal and rise to glory.

R: Root for
Often Films flop because though crafted with various cinematic dynamics as the audience fails to identify who the Hero of the Film is. The audience invests in a movie with the desire to root for their Hero. Yet at times the Hero is either motiveless or ill defined. Thus the audience after sitting through the whole saga comes out feeling empty as they couldn’t identify with the protagonist or worst, there was nobody to root for. Take any sport where spectators love to cheer and follow their sport star, since they believe in him and want him to win. Likewise the movie buffs root for their Hero, want to see him overcome all obstacles, win the heart of his beloved, outwit the archrival, overpower the villains paraphernalia and save the world just in the nick of time. That’s when the audience walks out of the cinema hall breathless, yet with a feeling of being on cloud nine… All because the Hero they rooted for didn’t let them down.

O: Outstanding
The journey of the hero has to be outstanding. Nobody wants to see a hero who starts as a milkman at the beginning of the film and remains so without any remarkable achievements. But the audience would love to see a milkman who gets hit by a truck and then he wakes up in the hospital with the divine ability of being able to read people’s minds… Now we are talking. A hero cannot be mundane and boring. Likewise he doesn’t have to necessarily be flashy or superhuman. Most importantly it’s his journey in the film that is extra?ordinary.

Two small time thieves are hired to kill a big dacoit in order to avenge the mass murder of a Policeman’s family, in pursuit they find their soul mates but lose out on their partnership since one of them dies – Sholay. An ordinary student with creative skills walks into a university, finds his soul mate, helps couple of his friends find their real purpose, pranks with a bookworm, teaches an arrogant professor not only how to educate others but also how to lead a truly successful and meaningful life, and ultimately ends up following his passion, with the world chasing him? 3 Idiots.

Heroes are not necessarily always larger than life in their looks or getup. It’s their deeds, their attitude and their achievements in the screen story that makes them idols to die for. Heroes are nothing but incredible journeys of struggle and triumph that deep down everyone of us wants to experience on a day to day basis.

These days after i have come down to spend sometime with my family in belgaum, i have been stuck on to loads of movies which i grew up watching..After i watched about 8-10 in last 3 days i d say i miss them a lot!!

There was something very special about them..Imagine Sunny Deol walking through a dark street hunting for his brother in Ghayal…Or Jackie Shroff playing the typical honest cop in Khalnayak..i would say this is what made these total “filmy”..I feel components like these have been completely lost in the recent times…i am not saying the current trend of Abhay Deol walking drunk in Dev D is bad..its conventional in itself..but the kind of movies which made me whistle, hoot,  scream are long lost i d say…

Not only the dramatic entry/exits of heroes..but even the storyline of movies has undergone a massive change..Those revenge filled movies of 90’s which had a kind of entertainment qoutient attached to them made the audience glued to seats from start to end..One of most eventful movies i d say was Ram Lakhan..Rakhee the widow who s husband was killed by Amrish Puri n co..preserves the blood stained saree along with ashes of her husband till her sons have sought revenge from the villain.. such kind of dramatic statements no longer exist in todays cinema..Nowadays we hardly see such a story line in movies..Its ideally about an NRI with a house bigger than Buckingham palace but still head strong about culture as if he s the last living candidate who s only job is to adhere to his family traditions!!

Another important aspect which i feel missing in today s movies is the unique style quotients of actors/actresses…Like the audience went berserk when they saw madhuri dixit wear her typical long frocks and round earrings and dance in rain…Likewise be it Anil Kapoor s typical One 2 Ka Four step with his arms swinging which i guess is the only move his choreographer made him perfect at so that he could repeat it in his almost all his movies!Now theres a wave of versatility which everyone wants to get sunk it..which has resulted in loss of identity of actors and increased the popularity of the roles they play..Very simple example..before  Sunny Deol would be mimicked the way he spoke in front of screen  keepin the role aside…but now everyone recognizes the character more than the actor who played it…

Obviously i feel its a gradual process of bringing in quality and sophistication into a movie keeping in mind the technicalities..but as a movie buff who still prefers a Subhash Ghai classic rather than a Anurag Kashyap anti-cliche or KJo candy floss..i would say wheres the “filmy” part in our movies now!!Why s everything turning so “real”!!!


Performances lost in loss!!!

Posted: August 30, 2009 in Movies

From past few months i ve seen movies in which i have seen some mindblowing performances by actors/actresses..but they i guess they couldn fetch great laurels coz the movie was a flop…I short the performances were lost in the loss of the movie…..

1.Madhuri Dixit in the movie Lajja–This is one movie which i believe saw lot of amazin performances going unnoticed..Out of which Madhuri s was the best! Sply the scene in which she potrays Sita on stage who has to undergo angeepareeksha she was top notch..i still feel the questions she raises in that are valid and i am still searchin for answers for those..All in all a performance which would have surely fetched her another national award after Mrityudand….

2.Manisha Koirala in the movie Lajja–Again speakin about this movie..Manisha Koirala plays the charecter of Vaidehi, who walks out on her husband and finds that she is not the only one who has been opressed. The story is told through her eyes as the narrator.But he best act comes in the end where she shouts “Lajja aati hai” me i had seen this movie in a theatre and i was shaken by that climax…It is truly manisha at her best after Khamoshi….


3.Irrfan in Ghaath–I remember watchin this movie when i was in 7th std..on local channel..Manoj Bajpai and Om puri star in this movie which speaks about Mumbai land mafia..and yeah Irrfan was as scary as Gabbar of sholay..With his Character “Mamu”..i believe he carved a niche for himself as the sensitive cold blooded villain.Even in the climax he monologue by him is flawless..yes Irrfan..u had arrived in bollywood.


4.Aishwarya Rai and Ajay Devgan in Raincoat–If anyone s seen this Ghosh s movie which is an adaption of a Bengali short story u ll see how with minimal sets and screenplay effective performances can be etched out to the core..Be someone as classy as Ajay or prolific as Aish..both gave out their best acts..but couldn save the movie from sinkin at box office..the seen where they lie about their financial statuses is truly touchin..none other than seasoned actors like these two would have pulled off a role like this…



Posted: May 3, 2009 in Movies

1.If Govinda has the tag No.1(coolie no 1,hero no 1)…wat does Akshay Kumar has as his trademark—
2.RAJ,RAHUL,VEER—connect them—-
3.Which two beauty queens alongside akshay kumar in the movie Andaaz—
4.Kajol s name in the movie DDLJ—
5.”Seven cities claimed Homer dead where living Homer begged his bread”—which movie am I talkin abt???
6.Complete the trio DOOSRA KEVAL,FAUJI,—
7.Which movie is a remake of the Hollywood flick Seven Brides for Seven Brothers—
8.Karan Johar :SRK::Prakash Mehra:–
9.Naseeruddin Shah bowls and Sunil Gavaskar bats..which movie(paisa hi paisa)—
10.India s first official entry into Oscars(jai mata di)—
11.All three Khans together on screen once..which movie—
12.If I am watchin hollywood flick West Side Story which bollywood film can I relate it to—
13.I can call it most illogical scene I ve been a part of..Big B sayd this..wat is he talkin abt??:–
14.If I played the role of an idiot called Robert in ANDAAZ APNA APNA..wat was i in SHOLAY—
15.Aishwarya Rai s first TV appearance was for which ad—
16.Imran Khan was first time on screen(bachcha role)—
17.Govinda ,Dharmendra,Hema Mailini—common thing in these bollywood stars—
18.ChoriChori:Aamir Khan::Shri 420:–
19.if I am humming songs..”main yahaan hoon” and “EK ladki ko dekha toh”..apart from Javed Akhtar s lyrics wats common in these movies.—
20.Previously titled Yajna..this made it to the Oscars—
21.If I am seein the beautiful gardens of Holland on screen which were for the first time shown in a Bollywood movie..which song am I seein..(BIG B)
22.I have been a part of 2 Blockbusters biggest in Indian was biggest hit of its times..other Oscar entry..who am i..(old man!!)

left me thinkin…………

Posted: January 7, 2009 in Movies

“tum abhi vidhwa ban chuki ho”,,,another voice replies..”kab tak”..don think this is one of dialogues from govinda s movies..where he fools around with kader khan to irritate  him to the max..this conversation is from wat i can call most touchin movie of my like most of critically acclaimed movie it has vague moves(including its title and relevance to the story)but left me thinkin is the concept of the movie..the time set of the movie..more over the dialogues…the movie which i saw this mornin was WATER..the oscar nominated indo-canadian film..deepa mehta the fiesty director and seema biswas the ultimate performer..

as soon as i finished the left me in a lurch..realism at its best i thought..right from scene one..the movie keeps engagin u at every frame..must say it hits jus at the rite basically talks about chuyia the main protagonist in the movie which revolves around widow celebcy..set in 1938 talks abt how widow s lead their life and how they wre treated by the society.Chuyia believes that her mother will come to take her home. Here she meets several elderly women, including the head of the house, Madhumati; a quiet, confident woman named Shakuntala; and a gorgeous young woman named Kalyani — all says there are three ways for a widow.1.either become a sati 2.marry the husbands youger brother.3.or lead a life of seclusion…the best part of the movie is seema biswas s expressions..sply in the climax scene where she runs on the plaform..amazin!!!!Kalyani meets and falls in love with young Narayan, a follower of Mahatma Gandhi, who wants to marry her, despite his mother’s protests. But on the day he comes to take her to his home, as they are crossing the river to his family estate, Kalyani recognizes the house, the very same house she had been forced to visit as a “prostitute,” to be with Narayan’s father.

the movie speaks of ill treatment of widows in their places of livin..the demonish zamindars..and wave of change durin gandhiji s time…wat makes is a really great movie,,with a tinge of serenity in every frame…

comin down to my view of the whole movie..wat make did think was the overall story tat was compellin to the core..the dialogues like when john asks his servent..abt his drinkin habits..servent replies”haath bhi nahi lagata”..john adds..”mooh bhi nahi lagana”..truly impactful…wat makes the movie water so special is also its narration..i really did feel though the situation of widows has tremendously improved in urban areas..the villages are still no many have we heard about funeral pyre leaps and harrasements due to is agonisin..and tats wat the movie ends conveys the msg..its not tat dharma makes man..but man who follows dharma in right way make him a man..

hats off gandhi!!its indeed true!!!

SRK kkkkan act!!??!!

Posted: October 23, 2008 in Movies

i dint exactly have the mindset to write a blog entry on this one,but today i ve taken an official leave from lab n classes.thanks to my ever lovin dept..and yes finally i m writin this entry..on my all time fav hate whether shahrukh khan can actually act or plays himself in diff locations!!

i remember one of his earliest movies infact i can say my first movin where i was caught sobbin with square cloth was kabhie haan kabhie naa..infact this movie still remains one of fav as the simple story n execution made it very touchin..and yes SRK did begin his ACTIN carr.(i know dil aashna hai n deewana did hit screens b4..but plz don refer his presence as actin)i believe in nineties this was one of the few times he actually tried to potray a character than play himself..but soon after KHKN came a string of movies which essentially had a raj or rahul(barrin baazigar)..and yes our choco boy gleefully entertained but never acted..movies after movies his acting skills touched the abyss of mediocrity thought he performed at all possible award func to PURCHASE the coveted awards..seriuously a purchased award is not the fact to prove tat indeed actor has acted..

from i wat i feel the main reason where his actin skills wre undermined was due to his association with cliche directores with feel good n stereotype movies n it DDLJ..DTPH..KKHH..K3G..and many more in line///we had SRK playin the messiah roles which was makin his presence felt not as a seperate entity in the movie but srk himself..worst of all was DTPH..which i believe tat dependin upon the nature of the songs the movei was scripted and made..there s not even one instance in the movie in which we can say”there is a story for this one”..add to tat actin woes of SRK..his sheepish smile..or sense of overreactin in simple situations or best of all his hamming timing!!it so happens tat in all his movies he lives in one aura of life..”i m good to all and all are bad to me”..and yes “i also cry a lot n make others cry”..this includes pple outside the screen who ve payed hell lots to see him CRY!!totally it DDLJ..K3G..or all time ham fest..DEVDAS..god!!!wonder if sharath chandra ji(who wrote devdas) was alive..he would curse himself for havin written a sobbin saga.

after a long time came in swades in which also SRK i believe gave a good performance(thanks to ashutosh g) which basically made SRK play a normal person on earth who cant solve all his worries but probs of village sans electricity..i do think tat him gettin an award for is justified coz it would ve definitely made him think tat all these years of bein in movies was a waste and i actaully must act from now on..(one of reasons chak de was good)on one side where u had swades there was return of messiah in main hoon na and sobbin king in veer zaara..the question i d like to ask is why try doin 2 bad things when u ve done 1 good(after a long time)..who can the bizzare league of movies..asoka(scarily torturous)..and phir bhi dil hai ..(show it to detained terrorists and they ll say we reveal all our plans in no time),..

as this year marks his return to candy floss movies in RNBDJ..i bet anyone a DBC scoop..who dares to tell tat SRK will actually be diff in it..i agree this entry mite lead to heavy bashin up n heres your turn..go ahead!!