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Posted: December 9, 2008 in Uncategorized

When she s 20 she s like Africa–

half unexplored!!

At 30 she s like India

Warm,luxuriant and mysterious

At 40 she s like America

Tecnically perfect!!

At 50 she s like Europe

All of a ruin…//

At 60 she s like Siberia

Everybody knows where it is but no body                                                                    wants to go there!!!

of revenge n confessions….

Posted: September 7, 2008 in Uncategorized

right from my childhood i was one of those kids who loved to watch the rebel kinda movies..wherein the protagonist came back like the phoenix from ashes to destroy the mother used to keep telling me tat these movies are mere fiction and in the real life things like revenge..hatred.. nearly wre out of bounds for a human..(she thought i was a good person) i still beleived tat somethin like avengin wrongs done by someone is simply a heroic effort where u prove ur mettle n indeed have knights valour below ur cusion when u sleep tat night after victory..till yesterday i felt the same..just wanted to taste howz it to actually seek a bitter revenge and keep smilin like a al fell down like the napolean s army at the waterloo..though the whole event of revenge had begun sometime time yday was the finale..(now i feel its the beginin of another battle)i kept ridiculin the behavin rude to the person whom i d supp thought as my foremost enemy who d done several wrongs to me..tat was all about livin the moment..i was feelin like the mighty aussies amidst taming the minnows in cricket..but the real pinch i never knew..never did i realize tat actaully i was just followin the path of which there was no end..even if it was was just the fact made me look like a shrunken peice of humanity..i couldn even pass a mouthfull of morsel down my throat..nor did my fav drink amused me to have it..wat went through my mind was my mother s words..they echoed loudly to all curves of my brain..untill i got up today mornin..gave a call to my conscience to hve thanked it to help me grow..i d always heard of pple sayin tat some incident helped them grow as a person..but yday s event was really one for me..which helped me grow as a person..atlast i believe my mother s words wre true..the real joy or peace of mind is not got by prickin the person who d pricked u..but by removin the thorns tat lay beneath his feat…


wat moves me….

Posted: September 2, 2008 in Uncategorized

m back to active bloggin..finally realized theres somethin in life i cant really miss out on too much(jus after debatin n “beau” fenz!!)like always this page speaks about things tat move me,,widout much guessin work its movies..some wich many mite not ve heard n seen..some wich every1 s seen but not felt as i ve..nd reason why i keep seein them again n again..although my mom s cursin for not restin after a hectic n tiresome journey from bang to bel of 14hrs m still compelled to write this portion..

1.amruthavarshini(kannada)-most amazin movie i ve seen till date(if u ve haven seen it;go to simple story..efffective narration n mindblowin performances..two of sandalwoods finest actors..ramesh arvind n suhasini..come together to etch out a performance of lifetime..each of the character in the movie be ramesh(poet)..suhasini(bubbly housewife) and sharath babu(ad designer) has somethin to say//infact they are so drawn out from morning tat one could see pple like them rite next door..classy scenes from the movie include wen suhasini asks ramesh to cut the carrot..the way he does it..god!!swept me off my feet..another scintillatin scene is the climax..(much similar to movie anjaam)but still no one else could carry this off except suhasini..hey where are movies like this in kannada film industry now!!!

2.lagaan-i ll not be stupid to ask wether ny1 s seen this movie or give a thing tat i thought till i saw the movie 17 times is why was it taken up by HARWARD UNIVERSITY as a topic for management studies..wats great in rural rustic beatin professional cricketeers..or wats spl in triumph of underdogs..we ve seen it happen in NAYA DAUR(a must watch movie again)..later wen i read an article by simon o connel(prof of management studies in HU and he d seen the movie wid subtitles and after goin for few evenin hindi classes) made me feel”yes.. indeed its a spl movie..infact very spl”..i saw the movie again n became capable of writin the followin para..lagaan speaks of triumph of human spirit..the way BHUVAN gets his team together..motivates them..even pickin up his team..from wood cutter..drummer..blacksmith.who all have great shoulder strength wre the batsmen..and BURA(raghuvir yadav)the poultry man a spllisst slip fielder..this is wat is called perfectionism as ritely put forth by director AG wen he d said AAMIR added life by his changes to the script..on a whole wats bein studied on this movie is tat wen human spirit is applied by management in creates wonders..ans yes move unmotivated pple like me…

3.RDB-question to those who know me a bit..have u ever seen me talk less and think more state anytime(most of the time its other way)..this movie sent me to tat state..for two days it was one way traffic for me..i guess this must ve made u realize wat this movie waz to me…

4.SWADES(hindi) and AMERICA AMERICA(kannada)-both the movies tackled issue of a much complicated issue of brain drain n patriotism with much ease..speakin of swades..finally made me think again..SRK can act?or rather can be made to act!!the journey of NASA scientist from US to a village in INDIA was truly is one of the main reason why i d still decide to say mera bharat mahaan n stay here earnin bit less than mint money abraod!!remember the tea stall man sayin “apne chaukat ka diya n givin light to neighbour s house”..MR.GOWARIKER ur simply the best…much before wave of SWADES..i d seen another similar movie..AMERICA spoke of 3 frenz..two guys n a  gal..guy no.1-jus back from US after stint wid western lifestyle…guyno.2-very much like apna bharat kumar character..and the gal pretty sensitive but stuck between two idealogies of her two best frnz..even the names of characters in movie are SHASHANK..BHUMIKA..and SURYA(cant get the speciality still..its n sun)..great movie with amazin screenplay n story..wat makes u think is the climax..beautifully scrpited..

hmmm..these wre some movies wich moved me or rather made me think..i d get back online nite!!with another thrist quencher…

tata aashu!!!

a bit inactive….

Posted: August 19, 2008 in Uncategorized

yeah yeah..i must say.bloggin has taken a bit of beatin from the time i ve hit blore..well blame it on my hostel life..classes..or my current fav topic PRISON BREAk….

well its an english seriel..quite amazin saga of how two brothers along wid other criminals escape a prison..simply swept me of my feet..dint know y do we dont make such seriels..instead of wastin money on cheap sets n useless adaptions of bollywood themes ekta kapoor can make a decent series,,god knows wen will those days come..

well bac in coll asusual bac to classes..debating..dept activites..allof em eatin my schedule off..need to pick a way out.meanwhile also happen to see an amazin movie..THE MAN FROM EARTH..truly amazin stuff ur an avid novel reader..and like those fictious ones..simply outstandin..its abt how a man whos an history prof starts speakin on his farewell day infront of his frenz who are tellin them he d actually lived 4 14000 yrs!!!!answerin all the questions thrown at him..atlast concludin tat he was jesus christ!!!watch it on torrent..u ll never forget it..

browzin at a privte centre now..chances of need to back..

a big bang b4 gettin bac!!!

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yes..its my last day of my vacaz n gettin bac tomo to coll..catchin a train at 6:45 n in 12 hrs m in blore..feels strange but have to go..

the best part of my vacaz was today..we had our school batch was great to meet all the school  buddies under one roof..some of em have changed so much..GOD!! couldn get em at a sight..n some of em married n engaged!!!waz fun to throw a pinch of salt..

it was a fantastic walk down the memory lane..rememberin those funny incidents..the teachers who wre mimmicked by us..some of the horrifyin exps with the principals..the blame game wen we lost a comp..the unification..the victories..was all great..

the most funny incident waz durin a science exhibition wen a fren of mine had made a car which could run on solar had huge solar panel which could absorb accident wen the car waz in motion the panel came off but still the car waz movin..later we found out tat it waz actually runnin on batteries inside the car!!!!so all funy incis..

tomo onwards will be back on road..all studies..debatin..comps..will be great..above all i know theres goin to be a huge mind battle on 4rom the time m come to bang!!

lets see how all goes!!


countdowns begun!!!

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already 8th august n yes almost time to go..10th aug n ill be on board rani chennama express n bac to blore..

well last week was fun again..plenty of movies n yes spl of em a book..  chetan bhagat s third book..3 mistakes of my life//well it began on a very intrstin note but i guess portions of it quite equivalent to

one of those articles in porn magazines..  very bad..hated tat portion..

also happen to catch hold of movie MUMMY 3 again a pity outin..quite disheartenin

movie to core.. nothin much to say now..busy wid packin n   rewindin stuf..n yes

havin a school re union on all set to meet old frenz n enjoy…

will be back with more on blog page,,bye!!!


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snaps of the trip..

really kicking myself……

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hmmm..almost a week no updates on my blog..really kickin myself for tat..but hold on..m not the only cousins cominover at my place..frequent powercuts..n yeah m always wonder i ve put on few jus 15 days..

talkin abt my trip last weekend..was great..had been to amboli..i small hill abt 60 kms from belgaum..(i ll put some pics here) the picturseque beauty was clubbed with torrential rainfall..we could hardly linger about..managed to have our lunch n set our journey to a place called sawantwadi..which is at the foothills of amboli which comes in state of GOA..notable thing abt sawantwadi is its plannin wich is most weird..the whole of the town is set around a huge lake(much bigger than ulsoor lake or sanky tank)..all the houses the shops ..restaurents surround the huge lake..

another beautiful monument here is the RAAJWADA which is jus beside the has a mixture of portuguese n french architecture..only one of few kinds in came our hunt for a place which serves only veg food..sunday bein a local holiday most of the places wre had to take a whole round arnd the lake amidst heavy rainfall..drippin wet from top to bottom..was a perfect rip off of a 70 s flick where nets were used to show rainfall..n we had the leads gettin wet all over widout reason!!!

we went back to the lodge n as every1 else headed to bed i watched a horror flick JUNOON tat nite..

early mornin got up and braced myself for a tough journy,,though an excitin one..we travelled to a place called RAEDY..which has a GANESHA IDOL which was found in 1987 in the sea..cant believe such a thing appeared in the dreamz of a local fisherman n he managed to pull it out..the pic i put up will tell u more..

next we hit the exotic locales of terekol..a french colony later occupied by portuguese has a fort with a grand old chapel in it..and opp is the beach,,the KERRY we hit the beaches we wre greeted by bright sunlight n wild waves of the arabian sea.the waves roze everytime competin with  each other..was a lot scary..

after this we started our travel back to belgaum..all of us wre tired still managed to get bak quite in time..

remainin of the week quite insignificant as no work to do..n yes i ll post my stort tonite on the blog..


finally a tour!!!

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happy!!!!!!!!its sunday and my cousins ve arrived..m ready with all my picnic stuff to a nearby beach therecol..wich was a french colony..lets see how it n dad comin too!!my drivin exploits too limited now..

and yes bad news abt blore n ahmdbad need to hurry more matter abt blasts in next entry…


happy dayz…..

Posted: July 20, 2008 in Uncategorized

well..bac home i ve been havin quite a fantastic time..and yeah bought myself a new cell too..totally one wid a cam n mp3 player..great man..also begun my off beat drivin classes..had a great beginin too in the mornin today..dint i wud pick up so many new things happenin..looks like livin a dream to the best extent..

passin my time off is quite good..either the my shantiniketan as i d call my house with bunch of my rels n cozins them every evenin..hang out wid frenz in evenin..n yeah watch horrendous movies(kismat konnection)..but above all best waz the day we d been to eat at the hawkers near our skool..was too good..the same hawkers still stand there..cant beat tat one now..all of em with bizzarre makeovers still passionately sell a rupee stuff..n yea their biz too is good..

2day bein sunday need to go out for a func..n sadly very few clothes at my disposal..hope i ll turn out in a decent one..