As his cell backlight lit he with utmost anxiety pressed the read button to see wat was her reply.It wasn the case that he feared rejection but being quite a person who liked things tro go smoothly rather perfectly he hoped that reply would come something as he expected.He suddenly flipped he s cell reverse and once again went through all those moments he had lived with her..thought not really lived..but some imagined..some felt and some which he just spent with her on cyberspace…

Aakash layed back in his bed stepped down the memory lane recalling his first meet with Amrita..which was much of disarray owing to his professional attitude for which some pple around him loved him for.It was about a discussion for his college s cultural day celebrations and he being a coordinater was quite a bit stern on getting jobs meticulously done by his juniors and yeah she was one..After few words of sounding like THE SENIOR around the meet was over and jobs wre distributed..there was a month lay off for festival celebration getting back was the event.Not that he noticed her too well..but definitely his attitude wasn suppossed to be taken in the best of ways by her..

A month passed off and time of the event came and here he was carefully observing the practices which wre on full swing..A small mistake and he would burst out at pple responsible for that..he also burst out at her group..that was pretty loud and came from within..none of his juniors had ever seen him as ferocious as this..”where are the bloody expressions he screamed”;after the dance was over.things calmed down gradually and practices continued..

how far can cyberspace be in introducing pple and gettin to know each other well..yeah till now he was just a random senior to her and was the same..He came from a distant place in northern India and she was from glam city Mumbai…so the ice never broke for either of them as a formal introduction..till then they were bound by the cyber space and finally talks began…they varied from being a selfless youth to an ambitious student of life and its practicalities.

Their conversations would always be focussed at two different views both of them held.The chat would be filled with examples both of them would have in everyday life and end in a stalemate.But again wat was best about these chats was that later when both of them would be alone they would think as how each others perspectives are perfectly justified in their particular life and would also increase the respect for each other..not in chats but only in their minds and hearts!!!!Kind of understanding that grew between them was something both of them never expected…

One day while chattin online..Aakash as usual was multi-taskin…he was talkin about 4 different topics to 4 diffi pple..thats when he accidently sent a msg to amrita which was suppossed to be sent to someone else..the msg said “As a girl you were rite in your a guy i m wat is the prob”…this msg was actually adressed to his cousin as they discussin about restrictions in their house..but the misdirected msg exactly carried a different meanin n msg to Amrita…jus when he tried to re-correct himself..he s connection to the internet was lost…he tried to send her a SMS..but it was past 12 on 31st he had lost his balance  of his cell fone also..whole nite he kept thinkin the way the msg would have been percieved by her..wat would be her reaction…But somewhere he knew wat he never could do with intentions..he had just done tat!!!though he couldn digest that fact…for the next 2 days.he didn reply any of her msgs..which seeked explaination as why he wasn replyin…but again he was in confusion as which would be the best explaination…all these times he started missin her!!coz whenever he thought of sharin the smallest of happy news..he had none…he didn have clue where he s life was headin to..was confused to core..

but somewhere at the back of his mind he new it was the time for him to build on his ambitions…dreams..which he had seen write from the time he had come to the silicon valley…so he decided to clear the void that had been created due to his “no response” attitude…so he sent a msg to her tellin wat all he had undergone and how exactly he knew wat he wanted from life…and yeah he waited for the reply!!!!

jus then he received a msg from said..”Dude..come online..loads of things to tell u”

well it was between my exams durin my 4th semester i started bloggin..reason–had failed to get anger..frustration or jus let my voice flow out in best possible started writing…and yaeh it had its moments…i almost bcame an avid blogger..writin frequently..i wrote about my old diary excerpts…my wriiten short stories…experiences of life..successes..failures..and then suddenly somehow was a small hiberantion..Blame my college activities for this..infact this sem was FILLED UPTO NECK for me..slog for a month for our Dept Tech being the Co-ordinater had an extra bit of effort to pump in..Again i hate my over enthusiatic affection towards such activities..i did get drained out but had no option..April 17th finished the fest then came in The National Level debate in my college which i was the conevener..for 3 days of the event run all the way and yeah also judge some of the best debates of the life..then done with this on april 27th next came our Internal Assessments!!!the very next day..cant believe way i wrote and managed to score..but was HAPPY doin all this..could work ..enjoy at my style…so i guess never blogged..coz no anger!!

But as English poetry emphasizes on Blow Blow Thou winter wind.Thou art not so Unkind!!i believe times had to change..somethin somewhere had to happen which bring me face to face with one of the greatest personifications Life could get..”LIFE IS NOT A BED OF ROSES”..seems trivial..but hits the nail rite on the coffin!!!when things suddenly aren in your hands..when u struggle to get things rite..But somewhere luck eludes u..mockin at ur attempt makin it seem too foolish and meaningless..thats when a pain creeps in and disturbs you from within..the laughter on face n sparks of happyness are only participative not a part of u…not that i haven felt these things before..but this time i feel its not the normal scare or fear..yaa and again its the reason i m bloggin today..its my frustration..which i need to spit out..and i know this venom which m lettin out mite harm my i feel its the best for me and for the wonderful pple around me..

My mom says–a person always gives his best when he s heart pounds the most..yearns the most..wat man doesn know he ll be rewarded somehow someway..but yeah he will..only thing he can do is survive these times and hold the threads of relations with love n care..and see them grow to be your greatest support..

i second ur thought mom!!!as always!!!

hopin to be soon happy_angry frustrated son of urs!!


well my bloggin had almost got a semi-colon b4 i realized i need to get back to wat i enjoyed the most about 2 months ago…and here m back again..perhaps reason m bloggin..same reason why i started off say somethin i always wanted to but couldn..or said it but none understood close to wat i felt..

well was goin thru an amazin period of life..our college winnin the VTU fest for the first time..m walkin the fashion ramp..showin my exploits in biz short;life at its best…then came in The Christ Parliamentary Debate on feb 28 n march 1…Christ Coll s been quite a hunting ground for me so i really hoped i could make most out of this tournament..Infact i did get an amazin team also..consistin of Aniket(whom i always wanted in my team as i knew both of  us could rip teams apart) and Upasana(finest speakers to come into our debsoc this season)…so here we wre as MSRIT A team to compete in the debates…

Well first debate was quite a run-up with us MSR Law team with unanimous win…then came in one of my fav debates in my debatin career..against National Law School of India University..the institute which produces all asian champion debaters..Being opposition we did an awesome job hopin tat brand name NLSIU could be beaten at last..and yes we did beat NLSIU..Man..if i ever felt so satisfied in my debatin was this moment..We then had another one debate which we won comfortably and yes i was in first Semi-Final of my life..Felt great to go into the tourney as not exactly a winnin team n do this well…Semi finals was with one of our coll teams itself..which we manage to beat comfortably…then came in the moments which i had waited all through my life…

i remember walkin thru the corridors of christ coll at 7 in evenin thinkin wat will happen in the FINALS  of the debate..i remember watchin cricketeers warmin up b4 the finals of a world cup match and hear to preview of the match..felt the same adreline rush in my body..couldn jus believe wat was happenin arnd me..had my entire debsoc there for me cheerin and wantin to win first ever debate championship for the coll…and i too hoped for the same..tat winnin against arch-rivals RVCE would be great..wat i was scared is wat if i lost the debate..and i wasn wrong…

after a group hug we entered the debate room…after the prep time the debate began with our team in the opposition..i must say all three of us gave best speeches of our life on a skewed line of thought proposed by the other team..sply aniket who went in as the first speaker from our side managed to do a gem of a job..never saw him so aggressive in debate b4..he was on fire..after the debate was overwe all waited for the verdict..though we knew we had given our best shot..still somewhere i believed a win or loss mattered to me.. a lot!!!

result was out and we had lost the debate..though at tat moment i thought it was just another debate to lose didn know wat it wud to me..tat nite i remember goin thru the whole debate..even in my dreams i had same lines of wat i spoke echoed..the next day was also in a sullen mood..not knowin wat to do ..kept thinkin wat more could i ve done to win the debate…found plenty of things but of no use..couldn repair wat had happen…left me restless..this has still continued..even now whenever i m idle..i go into tat debate..still remember word to word wat happen in tat debate..wat the other team said..wat we replied..its still fresh wat i saw..the losing moments and RVCE rejoicing their way thru…all of it wat i call a perfect nightmare…dont know how long it will trouble me..hope i get my same team and go again to christ next year and win the tournament to bury the ghosts of 1st march 2009..till then i need to wait..and try treatin worst nightmare of my life!!!



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1.If Govinda has the tag No.1(coolie no 1,hero no 1)…wat does Akshay Kumar has as his trademark—
2.RAJ,RAHUL,VEER—connect them—-
3.Which two beauty queens alongside akshay kumar in the movie Andaaz—
4.Kajol s name in the movie DDLJ—
5.”Seven cities claimed Homer dead where living Homer begged his bread”—which movie am I talkin abt???
6.Complete the trio DOOSRA KEVAL,FAUJI,—
7.Which movie is a remake of the Hollywood flick Seven Brides for Seven Brothers—
8.Karan Johar :SRK::Prakash Mehra:–
9.Naseeruddin Shah bowls and Sunil Gavaskar bats..which movie(paisa hi paisa)—
10.India s first official entry into Oscars(jai mata di)—
11.All three Khans together on screen once..which movie—
12.If I am watchin hollywood flick West Side Story which bollywood film can I relate it to—
13.I can call it most illogical scene I ve been a part of..Big B sayd this..wat is he talkin abt??:–
14.If I played the role of an idiot called Robert in ANDAAZ APNA APNA..wat was i in SHOLAY—
15.Aishwarya Rai s first TV appearance was for which ad—
16.Imran Khan was first time on screen(bachcha role)—
17.Govinda ,Dharmendra,Hema Mailini—common thing in these bollywood stars—
18.ChoriChori:Aamir Khan::Shri 420:–
19.if I am humming songs..”main yahaan hoon” and “EK ladki ko dekha toh”..apart from Javed Akhtar s lyrics wats common in these movies.—
20.Previously titled Yajna..this made it to the Oscars—
21.If I am seein the beautiful gardens of Holland on screen which were for the first time shown in a Bollywood movie..which song am I seein..(BIG B)
22.I have been a part of 2 Blockbusters biggest in Indian was biggest hit of its times..other Oscar entry..who am i..(old man!!)

As i quote here the verbatim meaning of marriage from the oxford dictionary which states tat its association of two pple coming together making an alliance to stay together..but as i mention in the very topic of my post as Family wedding..hence i stick to this defn of mine sayin that marriage is not only as alliance of two individuals but also a culmination of two family s in themselves..i guess by now u must have interpreted the rest of the word s meaning..i.e Big is obvious the magnitude of relationships involved..Fat is the proportion of this celebration called marriage..and yes above all the fulcrum of my whole defn of this post..INDIAN!!!

this is been a post which mainly involves my view of wat marriages mean to me(trust me;m still not a grad)..sply in our community every event or action carried out by the bride or groom s side has an articulate it performin of pooja s at home which mainly signifies the beginin of a good func at home or the invitin of guests..

next wat i ve loved the most in all our family marriages is the evenin b4 marriage..the dance..the hulla..the masti..i still remember dancin at all my cousin s atrocious yet cult dancin made sure pple still sometimes stare at me not only on the street where i danced but also the band members of who played the i d sply like to mention the typical tunes played by petty yet large heated bands of belgaum which are truly amazin..moreover they are so infectious tat once when me and cousin had actually been to book the band we did do a jig at a stranger s marriage procession..and yes the crowd too jeered of the most memorable incis i remember is durin my sister s marriage…the 1/2 a km procession path actually took abt 1 1/2 hrs to be completed with the groom s side too being entusiastic pple..we also made the dulha do a bit of leg shakin..later it was also the turn of bride s and groom s parents to chain up and dance!!trust me t was great fun…and yes add to the infamous naagin dance between me and my cousin!!!

next comes wat i can say is the most imp func acc to me..time of introduction of relatives of  both our language we call it edurigolluvudu..its a formal way in which the counterparts are introduced to each other..why i feel this is imp is that.when we talk abt somethin like a marriage..there the relation is not only knit between two pple but also the whole set of pple associated between two pple..for a new relation to begin theres always a need for ice breakin session which indeed is this program..i too ve been a part of this many times and yes it has made me realize tat the world is indeed small..

next comes on the ceremony of formally invitin the groom for the marriage..where the bride s side ask the groom and his parents to come over for the func..i ve always been a part of discussions(mostly with gals of my age in my family)as why is it so that bride s parents are involved in playin the bent fiddle roles..this is exactly wat i refute..when u are talkin abt marryin off ur daughter(the integral part of ur family) u need to see that u show it to the groom s side tat we love our gal..u too better love her the same way in our house..this is why their love is transformed into so much enthusiasm durin the course of marriage..this i believe signifies that no side is ever at the receivin end..and sply in todays wat i can say educated world its always the balancin act..

the next of the act durin the marriage is pretty synonymous in all communities where both lead stars give their consent and begin the journey of too wat i believe is the most significant part is that they give in their consent in presence of well wishers n frenz..meanin tomo u refute of the decision..u make a fool of yourself..moreover it brings in a sense of responsibilty of both of em to chalk the road ahead..

now comes the session which i shall hate throughout my life..i still the tears rollin down and throat bulgin when my eldest cousin got married(i was in 7th) to the way i hid in my mom s pallu durin my sister s time of leavin after marriage..tat moment there s a flashback of all events come in front of ur eyes tat u ve shared with may be the when u laughed ur guts out for the silliest of jokes to the times u simply fought with em over a trivial issue..all those petty incidents go on connectin till u realize..she s finally leavin my house!!!i still remember the way i glance thru all my snaps with my sis on the nite after her weddin..

on the contrary when as a family we wre returnin bac from my bro-cousin s marriage there wre glimpses as how the marriage went and  chats and antakshari sessions rite thru the train journey with numerous digs at pple arnd..also there was this feelin of how to talk to the new member in the family..tat feelin melts down slowly however..

this post of mine can be called my micro-scopic view of wat a marriage is..but still this is wat i ve seen and percieved..but frankly speakin the big indian fat weddings are still incomplete without FAMILY..

angers me!! certainly….

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i usually blog when either m very frustrated or i m moved by somethin which i witness..well wat m witnessin now is belgaum legislation session at JNMC audi with speaker askin members to occupy their seats and so called members screamin their guts out after a good round of hoggin at delicious cuisine and sound sleep at the air conditioned hall…but by wat i m frustrated is the way 26/11 convict  Ajmal Amir kasab s case is bein handled..not tat m a staunch non-believer of human rights for criminals but i feel its too bad for the judiciary to keep failin consistantly..its been happenin again and again..i still remember when indian judiciary in order to prove itself just and equal has displayed its non-functionality at various levels..let me begin..

after the mumbai blasts when the police gathered proof against D company chief..menon family and many hard core hand in glove people..wat did the judiciary declared tat every person has a right to fight untill proven guilty..i agree to it..but if such proofs are available why do u want to give them the slightest of chance to escape..wats the use of police probin and collectin proofs when they only have to see the arrested pple stay in hi-fi jails temporarily or keep avoidin the judgements by shiftin ahead of the dates..wat remains in the end is an easy to  make or break system which can be manipulated carelessly..the same thing happen tat time also..our chief justice declared anyone to could fight dawood ibrahim s case..then arose or country s so called best lawyer and now politician Ram Jethmalani who was fightin D s case..jus think of the situation..u have the best lawyer of the nation on the opp side..i don feel its wrong to call it an assault on our democracy considerin the delayed judgements already in favour of guilty and accused..our premier lawyer rolled his best dice to ensure tat D company was intact fillin his bank account and partyin at henchmens farm houses in nation and abroad..i wud like to ask why was it necessary to give such a kind of let off to a person whom everyone knew was guilty..where was the bar association which strikes every fortnight for increase in hike to govt lawyers..why dint it stop mr.malani from takin dawood s case..why did mr.malani think tat his profession comes b4 the security of the nation..its coz of tat failure we can attribute many of underworld and terrorists funds still active at our neighbours house(pakistan)..

speakin of the current situation..wats happenin now..the person arrested of thosewho killed our officers like hemant karkare..major unnikrishnan..still languishin in best available GUEST HOUSES of our nation..reason–our judiciary which says..his not been proven he s our guest from neighbourin nation..and again CJI declares he can hire a lawyer to fight..has the CJI forgotten the loss of lives in india..the uproar it caused in minds and hearts of every indian..the march protests at gateway of india which the media gleefully tat terrorist can walk back to his land lke a hero or keep his trial pendin as in the case of ansari(the parliament attack convict) this the reason why we muct be proud of the judiciary..proud of democracy..i certainly don think so..wat it ll infact lead to is acts of extremism by our very own pple who want answers from politicians..courts..judges and yes  more whom they call FELLOW-INDIANS…..

everythin historic!!!

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i had begun writin this entry some months back..but had no trigger to bring it out..but last evenin when i happen to see some videos..i really thought..this one is indeed historic which i shall cherish throughout my life..don know why i couldn think of it untill these vacations..i remember my great grandpa tellin me stories of how he was arrested by british and how they planned an escape..and i always thought..damn..why did the britishers leave.i ll have no stories to tell my grandchildren..tat too not only a normal story..but an eventful one..

rite from my school life i always thought representin my school… college..and even country..and more importantly winning it and winnin against my fav opposition..i still remember winnin 2nd in group dance competition in which we had beaten a our rival GALS school..god!!the way we d celebrated it..i still rememeber it..

when i talk abt this particular fingers still freeze..throat swells was the 5 round of IIT delhi parliamentarydebate..i was sittin with my teamates waitin for the match ups to be announced..we d lost the prev two rounds so this was mighty crucial for us..a win would brighten our chances to quarters..still we had to keep every step watchfully..the screen lit on stage and theme appeared on it as SPORTS..the whole croud roared with was the theme every team was waitin for..then came the match ups.i could feel my heart poundin in my brain…then came another screen flash and came the match was MSRIT B(my team) v/s LSE heart skipped a beat..paki teams are known for their eloquence and more importantly amazin line of thought..we bein engineers had a single weapon..LOGIC!!!all teams started movin towards the respective venues for the debate..we had to wait in hall as tat was our place..since our opp team waz an international team we had IIT D profs too watchin the debate..then came the toss..we won the tos and decided to go as proposition or government..then we had to decide upon the topic of the three given to was abt this is why this debate is too close to my heart..jus imagine why i call it historic..its INDIA v/s DELHI..and on CRICKET!!!!simply historic to the core for me..the topic was abt whether newer technology was needed in cricket..basically referred to the use of sneekometer and referrel system to the third umpire..we exactly put on the same case in front of the opposition and mind it the player s referrel system wasn in place or discussion..i had thought of it..thanks to my minuscule love for tennis..i knew such a system existed there and thought why not in cricket!!!

we did catch them offguard with such a case..but still paki teams are fighters(like cricketeers) sply when playin against india sply when we put cricket in place..i happen to be the last speaker from my i knew the pressure was on me..though my first two speakers had done an exemplanory job..still i had to finish it i wen on to speak..i looked at the audience..their faces as tensed as viewers of the last ball of LAGAAN mtch..the judges waitin for me sprout a word..the opposition waitin for me to make a mistake..i began in quite a husky voice but as began rebuttin..i became more louder and was this moment i waited for my so many years..a chance to stand wearin a badge india and fight the war(of words) against pakistan(my fav opp) on platform of cricket(my religion)..i remember as i finished my speech i dunno wat the audience did i jus walked back to my team and asked them howz it..they told me it was my best till date..then they told me it was more of experience for an audience as it was not just an amazin debate speech but also an appeal to their hearts as why we must win the debate!!!this made me a lot lighter..

finally when results wre out..we d won the debate!!i rememeber i almost went crazy on streets on IIT D..runnin all thru them..yellin..for others its was just a debate which we d won..for me it was a dream..which still is fleshy in my grey matter(and will always be)..thus it was an expereince which i shall never forget(a good story to my grandchildren)…


left me thinkin…………

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“tum abhi vidhwa ban chuki ho”,,,another voice replies..”kab tak”..don think this is one of dialogues from govinda s movies..where he fools around with kader khan to irritate  him to the max..this conversation is from wat i can call most touchin movie of my like most of critically acclaimed movie it has vague moves(including its title and relevance to the story)but left me thinkin is the concept of the movie..the time set of the movie..more over the dialogues…the movie which i saw this mornin was WATER..the oscar nominated indo-canadian film..deepa mehta the fiesty director and seema biswas the ultimate performer..

as soon as i finished the left me in a lurch..realism at its best i thought..right from scene one..the movie keeps engagin u at every frame..must say it hits jus at the rite basically talks about chuyia the main protagonist in the movie which revolves around widow celebcy..set in 1938 talks abt how widow s lead their life and how they wre treated by the society.Chuyia believes that her mother will come to take her home. Here she meets several elderly women, including the head of the house, Madhumati; a quiet, confident woman named Shakuntala; and a gorgeous young woman named Kalyani — all says there are three ways for a widow.1.either become a sati 2.marry the husbands youger brother.3.or lead a life of seclusion…the best part of the movie is seema biswas s expressions..sply in the climax scene where she runs on the plaform..amazin!!!!Kalyani meets and falls in love with young Narayan, a follower of Mahatma Gandhi, who wants to marry her, despite his mother’s protests. But on the day he comes to take her to his home, as they are crossing the river to his family estate, Kalyani recognizes the house, the very same house she had been forced to visit as a “prostitute,” to be with Narayan’s father.

the movie speaks of ill treatment of widows in their places of livin..the demonish zamindars..and wave of change durin gandhiji s time…wat makes is a really great movie,,with a tinge of serenity in every frame…

comin down to my view of the whole movie..wat make did think was the overall story tat was compellin to the core..the dialogues like when john asks his servent..abt his drinkin habits..servent replies”haath bhi nahi lagata”..john adds..”mooh bhi nahi lagana”..truly impactful…wat makes the movie water so special is also its narration..i really did feel though the situation of widows has tremendously improved in urban areas..the villages are still no many have we heard about funeral pyre leaps and harrasements due to is agonisin..and tats wat the movie ends conveys the msg..its not tat dharma makes man..but man who follows dharma in right way make him a man..

hats off gandhi!!its indeed true!!!


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When she s 20 she s like Africa–

half unexplored!!

At 30 she s like India

Warm,luxuriant and mysterious

At 40 she s like America

Tecnically perfect!!

At 50 she s like Europe

All of a ruin…//

At 60 she s like Siberia

Everybody knows where it is but no body                                                                    wants to go there!!!

curtains of the event..well wre they really there any of em..anyways.saturday evenin n m really bugged up writin internals(wrote 5 in past 3 n writin 2 in next 3 days) decided to write my most fav blog entry(hope so it turns out to be) till date..about my dept cultural event..TALENTS DAY..well really don go on the name..not many hidden talents hit the moon…
being a part of students committee of my dept..the plannin begun abt 1.5 months ago..apart from meetings with selected entities in committee a lot of time was also spent thinking in class as wat could be the best way put the most awaited event of the dept..a lot of ideas zoomed in and out of the wet-ware..finally we decided on wat shud be done not knowin the executional issues..

added to tat the risk we took of bookin the audi with largest capacity where even multi-deptal activities take a beatin in fillin up the seats..then came in to tell the interested participants who wre mostly our juniors as wat they are expected to do!!and convince thme to do tat..thanx to my enthu juniors(atleast some of them are)they picked up the responsibilty well..pracs begun..we stayed bac in coll few evenin..only to taste lipton ice teas in evenin and help my frenz found their lost vehicle keys!!(i hope tat person reads this)..indeed pracs was fun..the mistakes..some experimentations goin haywire..gettin tired n only findin my bed covered with my clothes n m still sleepin on em..hostel life who cares… now b4 movin on to the event let me tell u..wat all preceded the event..pragmatic issues regardin whole func..filterin the progs(i hate gen ‘A’ pple like some of our profs)..hiccups inside the organizin committee..and ya i saw em all..i knew these wud happen in any organization..moreover i did trust some of fello members…finally on to the func–
this is not exactly a movie..but still i instead of goin thru all the progs list scampers thru some moments of brilliance n humour!!!
one of my fellow comm member varun begun the func by vedic chants..students wre stunned for a moment..they wre me some of gave looks as if they wre searchin for a baba ramdev tab or art of livin flag!!!anyways lookin at some of the participants dressed in colourful outfits they did realize and did the chants did a world of good by deafnin the crowd into came in the hosts for the evenin..(photo)myself n sahana…it did begun well when i extempored a bit of talents day history then came in fun..i had to introduce myself and sahana herself..beat my excitement..i did the job myself.she gave in a look of awe..n continued..((goin to slow…will move faster))..the invocations n classy melody also got came a bit of melodrma n fun..pooja(MSRIT still thought u would be voISE of bangalore) came over the stage to croon..satyam shivam sundaram..she begun the song and in few secs..she looks at the sound system in tat she dint realize or she did..she missed a came in now..the person who was handlin the sound system actually did somethin(i still dunno wat)and she again gave tat same look..within tat time i got sceptical about wat was happenin..and yes our HOD had made my position even worse..i looked at one of pple from the audience and they seemd to have no probs with the vocals..for about 15 secs..i was on the mat..then sahana looks at me suddenly n asks..wat happen u seem tensed..(this was almost the same question i asked her b4 the event)..then came wat i consider the performance which brought crowd on its “santoshakke haadu santoshakke”..indeed a perfect tribute of sandalwood moviebuffs..i saw the whole audi come alive..Next came in my fav moment of the event..Durin the dance Vande Mataram..two of performers made an pre-mature exit from stage..i think i ll mention em..olivia n radhika..and the best part the audience thought tat it was perfectly sarcasm was..and in the snap u can see..their co-performers puzzled..ha ha..still cant forget the way they rushed out of the hall…after the skit which basically potrayed secularistic India,,there wre few props used for the this case they Apples..and here comes next funny part..just when the skit got over the participants sittin tite in 2nd row picked up the apples and started eatin.MAN!!!i was laughin my guts out..and ekansh n sourabh u wre culprits..Rest of the prog rushed thru with my juniors enthrallin the audience with changing trends of bollywood dance-styles rite from helen to kareena kappor,shammi kapoor to SRK..personally speakin it was my fav b4 the event and even now..bollywood freak wat 2 do..we also had our seniors the pioneers of talents day crooning to bhagyada laxmi which still remains an evergreen song till date!meghana n akshata princi really loved ur songs!how can i forget my enactment of tryin to convince sahana not leave the stage..after almost3/4th of the prog was over..she started askin whether she could join the audi..i mean..wat can i say.she s supposedly my co-anchor and she wanted to go down..i stood tellin her not go till the end…next progs be it nisha s tum ho toh or the very ise band”vo’ISE of Rock”..which surely rocked tat evenin..

from my perspective speakin of the the end i did feel satisfied to the core as it gave me great new frenz,brought some known frenz even closer..and best part i enjoyed workin with em all..There ve few incidents where actually where i can say my heart was in my mouth,first when i was seat counsellin hall engineerin seat selection durin my sis s marriage..i can say the next which comes to them is i look into my text of Software Engg..where in i find words like event..risk work..i still go bac 1 month in all those moments which created a colourful picture in my memory and one of the reasons i m writin this blog to get everythin out rite here tite now..may be 5 yrs from now if m workin or tryin to work..i ll still come bac to this entry of my blog and re-send it to all my frenz n colleagues tat time sayin there was a time when we created MAGIK at our coll which is still fresh in my brain and heart!!