bac home!!

Posted: July 17, 2008 in Uncategorized

aha!!finally i returned bac home n its exactly the reason why m able to blog for last 2 days..become very lazy..eating delicious mom s food..n thus now itself i ve got the time to type out my blog..

so where to begin from..well its been 4 semesters n still the feelin of gettin bac home after examz is abs ecstasic..simply amazin..i mean no words at all..n yeah got some pretty good ideas as wat to do in vacz..many incomplete jobs to be completed this time..n loads of stories too i guess!!!got some ideas for tat too…i hope i ll be able to transform them nicely…this time mite come up with something unusual..

after a long time i could watch television for long lengths..m guess wat i watched//loads of sleazy news channels which ahd nothin in thm but only creations which were filled by sensationalizin an issue which can best be left for the correct pple to look times i feel disgusted as how a mockery can be made out of a sad happenin…

n yes also heard a song which really touched my heart..i ll load it up on the page too..listen to the lyrics..seriously prasoon joshi s turning a master at handling emotions through songs…fabulous song voiced by shanker…

then pretty much done as now i get bac to the MS WORD page to continue my newest story…abt a lawyer who goes to the police station to complete the formalities of the last of his case which he s won but in doin so he finds himself as next victim of the freed convict!!!



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